Now the party’s over, I’m so tired. Then I see you coming… out of nowhere — much communication in a motion; without conversation, or a notion.

I’ll be off for several days, but feel free to use this as an open thread if you want for whatever purpose in the meantime. Play nice, don’t be overly rude and try to get along if you possibly can.

Death Panels

Apparently, they’re perfectly acceptable when they come in the form of a private insurance company seeking to eliminate risk and maximize profits on behalf of shareholders by purging high-cost “dogs” from their bottom line…

The Twitter “Fail Whale”

This is a rather interesting metaphor, isn’t it?

Fail Whale

It’s hard to expound too much on it past observing that the notion of a seemingly blissfully oblivious, and rather pacific whale being haplessly lofted in a net by a group of inane, twittering birds as a representation of systemic failure is kind of amusing. And of course, there’s a whole back-story to the iconic image…

Update: Could be the end of this little experiment for me. Over capacity, failed logins, forgotten passwords supposedly sent (but never received) and so on. Fun for a while, but altogether too flaky.

Update2: Ah ha. From their status page…

For the past several hours, we’ve been contending with a high rate of errors on twitter.com. This problem is being caused by over-consumption of resources on our webservers due to several changes we’ve made in the past few days.

Give it another day or so, I guess. But this kind of nonsense can’t go on much more. You can’t get people hooked on crack and the suddenly pull the plug because of “over-consumption”…

Bad Suits X3

Why are these smug jackasses smiling so deliriously?

3 Bad Suits

Your guess is as good as mine… quite possibly better.

Update: By the way, seeing as we’re on the topic of Preston Manning (kind of), where on earth is the Manning Institute getting all the money needed to mount the lavish advertising campaign they’ve undertaken of late on prime-time TV? Surely such an effort must cost millions of dollars… It just strikes me as somewhat bizarre. Is the commercial space being donated, because I really can’t see how it makes any sense at all as a business proposition… Perhaps one of our crack journalists could look into that.