LGBT NEM vs. Teabaggers

Hmmm. Not likely going to see much coverage of this protest event in the so-called “non-fringe media” are we?

So why wasn’t that insufferable little douche Griff Jenkins and his producer out there helping to rally the crowd? Where was Glenn Beck and the rest of the Fox crew covering the event? I mean Fox News is purportedly “fair and balanced” right? But no… when we check Rupe’s website what do we get? Well, we can learn about the dangers of an H1N1 shot, that some woman died in a sweat lodge, or that there’s a bleak employment picture… or better yet: “Man Who Held Woman in Casket Faces Life in Prison.” I don’t even want to know…

I give up trying to figure this shit out for the time being. It’s just altogether too crazy-making… Need to take a break from the insanity for several days and hunker down with some work projects. If you want to hit the tip jar in the meantime with some coin, that would be more than nice, very much appreciated and, sad to say, not entirely unneeded at the moment.

p.s. I’m sure there is a pile of potential jokes associated with the notion of pitting LGBTs against teabaggers, but it may be better not to visit that particular realm of comical possibilities.

The Best Healthcare System…

In the World! Or so some of our “conservative” friends down south tell us.

Free clinics provide care to those who have limited income and no health insurance, including people ineligible for U.S. Medicaid or Medicare programs — a population of at least 8 million. As per Wiki, almost all free clinics provide care for acute, non-emergent conditions. Many also provide a full range of primary care (including preventive care) and care for chronic conditions.

If you have the means and inclination to do so, you can donate to the National Association of Free Clinics here.

Obama Derangement Syndrome

Rachel Maddow makes the case for why President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this week.

I have to admit that my initial reaction was that it was a somewhat ridiculous gesture, but cast in the light of a “call to action” and, as some have described it, a down-payment on future action (as opposed to any actual achievement or tangible results), it’s perhaps not as absurd or simply contrarian (i.e. “not being George Bush”) as one might first think…

Concerning the ODS referenced in the title of this post, it seems there’s no question whatsoever that critics of Obama have become entrenched in the same psychological trap that reactionary haters of George Bush did in terms of maligning him for absolutely everything no matter what, or viewing him as little short of evil incarnate.