Sick of “Balloon Boy”

Perhaps I’m just waaaay too cynical, but my first thought on watching this ridiculous drama unfold on cable news yesterday afternoon was: “Wanna bet they’re going to be on The Today Show tomorrow morning?” And, sure enough:

It was an unexpected bonus however that the ultimately flightless – yet ironically named – Falcon Henne vomited on live TV into a piece of Tupperware that was readily on hand. That was quite a nice touch.

Meanwhile… 20,000 or more children per day are still dying around the (“Third”) world of easily preventable diseases. Maybe if sub-Saharan African nations started lofting them into unguided dirigibles people might take notice. Just a thought…

What a shame that The Daily Show is on hiatus next week.

Update: When self-serving publicity stunts go horribly wrong…

Heavy Sarcasm

Behold! …the brilliant “wit” of comedian Rush Limbaugh. Good grief, what a monumental, pilonidal cyst-afflicted asshole.

As has been contended here previously on many occasions, conservative ideologues are utterly incapable of being funny. Who knows why? Many curious theories abound. Whatever the cause of this rather unfortunate characteristic, I dare anyone to effectively disabuse me of this admittedly unscientific assertion.

p.s. Just a note to regular readers, my apologies for the extended absence. I’ve been really busy… And am still so. I’ll try to make the posts less infrequent, but a full return to “regular programming” isn’t likely for a while.