Audit Hannity

More of Michael Moore’s recent interview on Sean Hannity’s show.

WARNING: The mendacity factor here is simply off the register. Watching this video could make your head explode. Viewer discretion is advised.

In addition to his continued failure to deliver on a solemn promise to donate money to the families of military veterans in exchange for being waterboarded (something I’d dearly love to witness after having watched this) in order to “prove” that it isn’t actually torture, let’s add his probable inability to back up his assertion that he currently pays more than 60 percent of his income in various forms of taxes.

But hey, why leave the matter to a gentlemen’s bet between these two? How about instead, the IRS audit Hannity’s income tax statements for the last several years and report back…


Earth to Liberals: Nobody, and I’d venture to suggest with some degree of non-evidential confidence, that NOBODY (or somewhere hypothetically in that general region of statistical probability) gives a rat’s ass about patronage appointments!

Look, it’s just an expected part of doing business that’s deeply embedded in the fabric this country — always has been and most likely always will be. As they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know that really counts. And isn’t it more than a little hypocritical of the Liberals to be taking this particular line of attack given their vast and easily documented history of doing exactly the same thing (or even much worse) over their many years reigning as the supposed “natural governing party” of Canada? Give that one up…

In other news of fairly inept lines of attack, there’s the somewhat more intriguing question of where exactly the billions of dollars infrastructure money being doled out by the bucket-load with great abandon is actually being spent and whether its disposition across the nation is influenced by political considerations rather than the merits of various “shovel ready” projects.

With respect to this question, the other day, noted douchebag for Nepean–Carleton and unctuous little prick Pierre Poilievre, sadly outwitted and deflated the photo-op staged by Michael Ignatieff and his “esteemed colleague” Gerard Kennedy by simply pointing out that the project in question (turning a grain field in Burlington into a park) wasn’t even scheduled to begin until next year.

I have to admit that this is beyond stupid and it makes the Liberals look like a bunch of utterly lame wankers. Don’t you think their brilliantly evanescent “war room” (Hi, Warren!) could have done a little bit of preliminary research to discover that the canola field in question wasn’t even slated to be re-designated as park until next year? And perhaps a more curiously, it may have been pertinently asked why an apparently productive grain field is being turned into a park in the first place, and how that’s actually part of our infrastructure development program… Oops, sorry… wrong terminology — “Action Plan.”

This money should be directed at things that will make the country more competitive globally, and that will aid manufacturers and exporters (i.e., port improvements, transportation links, energy grid restructuring, etc.), and not just to “pet projects” of favoured constituencies like converting grain fields into freakin’ parks for goodness sake. Too late now to dispute the details, I guess, because most of it has already been committed, but it sure would have been nice if there had been some sort of an actual “plan” or “vision” involved in the direction of this money rather than simply opening up a temporary line of credit to various provincial and municipal governments.