The Poor Are EVIL!

That seemed to be the message of Glenn Beck’s latest rant deriding folks lining up for what he delightfully terms “Obama cash” in Detroit and other places hit hard by the current economic recession.

Hey, how about if Fox News corralled some Wall Street traders and asked them where the bailout funds came from? Or, for that matter, how about asking your basic “man on the street” any question at all about economics…

But no — instead, let’s interview some desperately poor people who are lined up for welfare and ask them about where their handouts are ultimately coming from, in order to score some really cheap political points, and the same time, provide the rest of America with an easy opportunity to laugh uncontrollably at their plight, while dismissing them as nothing but freeloading parasites.

But then, you know… it is the poor, who after all, we should remember (according to some narratives), caused the whole financial meltdown through their selfish, immoral greed, and created the economic recession — the Bloggin’ Tories have repeatedly told me so… Jimmy Carter and poor people: they’re the primary causative agents in this whole mess! And liberals!!! (Of course… because everything rotten in the world can be easily attributed to them!)

Addicted to War

Yet another compelling reason why U.S., NATO, and Canadian forces need to get out of Afghanistan.

Does anyone seriously think that some kind of “victory” is possible in this lawless, utterly corrupt, narco-terrorist hellhole?

Animating Photo-Realism

Paul Debevec, a researcher in computer graphics at the USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies, explains the process behind constructing and animating a photo-realistic digital face. The possible uses of this technology are… well, interesting, to say the least.

Where’s Philip K. Dick when you need him?