RMR: Liberal GPS (& Rant)

Don’t know where you’re going, with confidence.

I’m sure many folks have already seen this, but I just caught it on last night’s repeat of RMR.

Of course, the great thing about Mercer is that he’s an equal opportunity offender when it comes to skewering politicians as in his “streeter” from the same show.



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17 responses to “RMR: Liberal GPS (& Rant)

  1. Tomm

    Those were two very good clips. I kind of liked the “porky pig” reference. Never mis-placed when dealing with politician’s.

    I wonder how much of this is his and how much from his writers?

  2. Drake

    Chantal Hébert in yesterday’s Toronto Star says much the same thing as Mercer’s little Liberal GPS skit. Talking about the Mr. Ignatieff’s recent statement that the environment would be at the heart of the Liberal election platform, she noted dryly that of 94 sitting days in Parliament this year, Ignatieff raised the issue of the environment in only two questions.

    She concludes her article by saying that:

    “Overall, it reinforces the perception that this Liberal team is making up its script as it goes along and having its leader read it off the back of an envelope.”

    Whether in politics or in life, if you don’t know where you’re going, you ain’t going to get there.

    I read in some combox that Kinsella’s moving to Ottawa from TO. Like that’s going to help.

  3. Messy Faggot

    Whether in politics or in life, if you don’t know where you’re going, you ain’t going to get there.

    Hasn’t stopped Chantal Hébert, who hasn’t known where she’s going since the Charlottetown Accord failed.

    Contrary to what you believe, life is in fact “making it up as you go along.” As least for people who manage to escape substantive failure.

    What has side-tracked the Liberals (probably due to Ignatieff’s narcissism, a cowed caucus and bad advice by people like Warren Kinsella and/or a raft of political neophytes) is that the Conservatives have become nothing themselves. So what’s an alternative to nothing? Canadians themselves don’t know, apparently.

    All I’ve ever wanted was a polity that is serious about serious things. What I’m getting is the exact opposite.

  4. Drake — I’m inclined to agree with you. The bit on RMR last night made me laugh out loud — literally and not just the figurative LOL.

    I’m somewhat mystified by the Liberal strategy and policy… or for that matter, what their plans are… short of regaining power at some point in time.

    Nice catch by Hébert on the disconnect between performance in QP and the their stated goal of making the environment the key plank in a future election platform. Gee, I thought they’d been furiously backpedaling away from the issue after the GreenShift® debacle.

  5. MF — Can’t say that I care for your handle. Change it or expect to be blocked in future.

  6. Tomm

    Maybe MF should just be an “unkempt stick of firewood”.

    It seems I’m always called upon to be the peace maker.

    …my work here is done. Perhaps Ken Lewenza needs me in their negotiations with Ford.

  7. Good one. 😉

    Pity, because MF makes a perfectly reasonable point. It would be nice if our discourse was more serious about serious issues instead of the usual posturing, obfuscation and, for lack of a better word, bullshit.

  8. Omar

    Wtf is wrong with ‘Messy Faggot’? I know a couple of faggots who are undeniably messy. As a matter of fact as soon as I’m finished here I’m going to send one of them a message on Facebook and inquire as to the designations offensiveness. Back in a mo..

  9. Omar — You’re such a contrarian… There aren’t many standards of “civility” around here (and few hard and fast rules that I enforce), but can’t we agree that “faggot” is undesirable? Or is that going to be the new “nigga” (which I also don’t much care for).

    It just distracts from the conversation and undermines legitimate points MF may have to make, that’s all.

    And yes, I know some slovenly fags too, but that’s beside the point…

  10. Navvy — Ah yes, the humorously named Doody Family and their infamous quest to revivify traditional faggots.

    Now look and see what MF has started…


  11. benalbanach

    Talking about burning firewood I noticed while watching the house that John Baird is still mentioning “The previous government” .
    Eh….Wouldn’t that be his ?

  12. Baird is still mentioning “The previous government” . Eh….Wouldn’t that be his ?

    I would exclaim, “Excellent catch!”, if items of CPC constitutional ignorance were actually hard to catch. As it is, one has only to put out the net and watch schools of scaly monstrosities leap into it.

    Remember that Baird was the guy who wanted to go “over the Governor General’s head” during last year’s coalition (non)crisis. To these rubes, the phrase “Westminster system” refers to the nice noise the grand-father clock made when they lived with mommy and daddy.

    So, yes–the last ministry was Baird’s; thus, the last government was his as well.

  13. Well played.

    This tiresome game of blaming the previous government of all the ills in the world wears more than a little thin after 4+ years in office, no?

  14. Ti-Guy

    So, yes–the last ministry was Baird’s; thus, the last government was his as well.

    Typical…liber…lefti….moonba….well, just typical! Holding Baird and the rest of the Harpies responsible for what they say as opposed to what they mean.

  15. moonba… LOL

    Very nicely turned.

    I almost hope the Liberals can recover the government so that we can go after them with same amount of bloody-minded viciousness that has been held in reserve to some extent for want of appearing too radical or whatever…

  16. Ti-Guy

    It’s become disturbingly commonplace for people to justify their partisan support by explaining what other people meant, without having any information other than what was said and documented. It’s the been the secret of Harper’s success in fact. He can say or do anything and his supporters will rationalise it any way they want.

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