One God?

An amusing dialog using excerpts from the Bible to make the point that the notion of there being “one God” is far from clear in scripture.

Of course, some of our religious friends of the Abrahamic faiths might well argue that this is quirk of translation or that God is a “plurality of Oneness” or some such nonsense. In any case, the term Elohim and other such bizarre theological considerations can make one’s mind boggle if seriously delved into. Apparently, it’s much easier for many people to simply accept the Bible as the inerrant word… of God(s).

Real Time: New Rules

“Actually, it’s not so shocking Andy Williams says Obama is a Communist, it’s shocking Andy Williams is still alive. He doesn’t do shows, he has viewings.”

Great monologue about climate change (or is it “global warming”?) this week.

As usual these days, no guarantees this won’t get zapped by HBO, so enjoy it while you can.