A Man With a Plan!

Another delightful blast from the past…

“The problem is, once you cross that line… nothing stops deficits from getting larger and larger and spiraling out of control and we want to avoid the kind of government, household and trade deficit we’ve seen in the United States.” — Stephen Harper

Hmmm. Where to start? Those ever pesky facts indicate that government spending has spiraled out of control (even before introduction of the “Action Plan”) to the point where we now have an astounding $50 billion or more in deficit (nobody seems to know the actual figure with any precision), more households are going into bankruptcy than ever before, and that Canada ran a record trade deficit of $2 billion in August.

Mission not accomplished!

Right-Wing Cannibalism

It’s just so darned cute when they attack one another.

Good zinger by Scarborough about so-called “conservatives” having “put their testicles in a blind trust” for the last eight years. Priceless. The same could well be said of our own crop of right-wing pundits and slavishly faithful bloggers up here with respect to their blind support of Harper and his recklessly spendthrift administration.

Moon Bombing

Live coverage starts in 15 minutes…

Not quite sure what the point of the lunar impact mission is (exploration of polar craters and searching for water and/or hydrated minerals, apparently), but it should be interesting. Too bad clouds here are threatening to obscure the view.

Update: Well, that a bit disappointing. LOS just before impact.