Audit Hannity

More of Michael Moore’s recent interview on Sean Hannity’s show.

WARNING: The mendacity factor here is simply off the register. Watching this video could make your head explode. Viewer discretion is advised.

In addition to his continued failure to deliver on a solemn promise to donate money to the families of military veterans in exchange for being waterboarded (something I’d dearly love to witness after having watched this) in order to “prove” that it isn’t actually torture, let’s add his probable inability to back up his assertion that he currently pays more than 60 percent of his income in various forms of taxes.

But hey, why leave the matter to a gentlemen’s bet between these two? How about instead, the IRS audit Hannity’s income tax statements for the last several years and report back…


8 Replies to “Audit Hannity”

  1. That Sean Hannity doesn’t offer anything constructive, does he? Since that buffoon is swearing up & down on national TV that he pays 60% of his income in taxes, he should have audit & this audit be made public record.
    That film footage of Hannity’s of the Cuban ‘hospital’
    was interesting, considering the filth & squawlor were deserted. The only footage with patients looked like it was some place else. Anybody can edit right?

  2. No kidding. Too bad some people are dumb enough to fall for that kind of nonsense. I loved Moore’s response to the ridiculous “undercover footage” Hannity ran: “Where are the doctors? Where are the nurses? Where are all the patients?” Obviously it was just an abandoned building.

  3. I didn’t watch, I listened to it while I did something else. Actually seeing Sean Hannity makes me want to punch people.

  4. I’m torn between whether it’s Hannity’s silly, eminently punchable face or his whiny voice that enrages me more.

    You have to have spent a lifetime being a jerk to pose like this.

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