Jacking Off Layton

The timing of this foolish distraction is fairly suspect, to say the least. Does anyone think for a moment that the Sun didn’t have this story in their back pocket all along? That they chose to drop it two days before the election indicates the frantic last-minute desperation of the Conservative Party media to derail the NDP and their dreaded “socialist hordes” as much as anything else.

By the way, doesn’t getting a “rub and tug” in a cathouse pretty much describe the daily activities of the Sun’s pundits (sometimes laughingly referred to with great irony as “journalists”)?

p.s. Does anyone else think that it’s totally weird that Sun TV thought it necessary to dramatically interrupt their regular programming with this “breaking news” about an “exclusive” non-story from 16 years ago?

13 Replies to “Jacking Off Layton”

  1. Thank God Sun Media is providing some badly needed moral monitoring over our fair Dominion.

    I wonder if the jack joint in question had an advert in the Sun’s “Adult Entertainment” section.

  2. “exclusive” non-story from 16 years ago

    Don’t change that dial, next “breaking news about QE2 not sinking, remember you heard it here first on SUN

  3. Oh my God… too bad I went for the advanced polls this year… Jack just broke my heart, many years of NDP (sort of) allegiance prove to now be a complete waste of time 🙂

    How many people here would prefer to see Harper as PM instead of Layton (assuming the NDP does get more seats that the Libs and a Coalition does form)? Despite being heart-broken :), I would still pick Layton any day; it’s true, I would likely pick 99%+ of any other Canadian too, I do allow for the possibility of bigger assholes to exist 🙂

  4. Politics is a dirty business. The thing is, is that this type of news benefits Ignatieff more instead of Harper considering where the vote bleeding is occurring.

    I’m not sure this is enough to change people’s minds. I remember the 2000 US election where George Bush’s DUI arrest was put out 2 days before the election.

    All political parties do opposition research like this.

  5. Let’s not kid ourselves here, if Harper had been busted in a “bawdy house” the left would be having fun snickering at this type of embarrassment. Rob Ford’s DUI bust and getting caught with a marijuana cigarette was also dredged up by his political opponents.

    Thinking about it, I don’t think it will affect Layton that much.

  6. Hitfan: No doubt, but only because it would have smacked of hypocrisy coming from someone who spent years pandering to the socially conservative “family values” crowd.

    In this case, without even that fig leaf of legitimacy, what’s the point of the story?

  7. ” No doubt, but only because it would have smacked of hypocrisy coming from someone who spent years pandering to the socially conservative “family values” crowd.”
    True, but the same could be said for Layton. He wanted to ban “Lap Dancing”.

    In the end I think it means squat. The Toronto Star salivated and thought they had Rob Ford on the ropes, nothing stuck.
    These revelations may give Jack a bigger boost in Quebec.

  8. I just read Kinsella’s blog who argued that this _is_ legitimate news in the sense that a high profile public figure who’s about to make an electoral breakthrough should be put under a microscope of sorts. The timing of this of course is being used for maximum effect–it was only put out there because of the NDP surge.

    If it turns out that it was a dirty smear tactic committed by one of Harper’s cronies, then this will blow up in the Conservatives’ face, even if Harper was not even aware of it. Obviously if the person who leaked this stuff who thought this would help the Conservatives (or whatever party he supports) completely lacks political instincts.

    Let’s not discount the possibility that it could be a Liberal or Bloc operative who is behind this as well. The old phrase _cui bono?_ is quite apt here. Who benefits the most from this scandal?

    My little tin foil hat even tells me that it might be Layton himself who put this out there in order to garner sympathy votes. But that’s just humorous speculation on my part. But if the smear tactic is giving Jack sympathy, then he is also a beneficiary of the scandal.

  9. Oddly, Conservatives are all over this story but don’t talk about the “fake picture of Iggy in Iraq”….

    And we all know that the best hooker stories involve Conservatives.

  10. “Oddly, Conservatives are all over this story but don’t talk about the “fake picture of Iggy in Iraq”….”

    Well it could because their network of preference is 0-2 in scandals and looks like it was broadcast 20 years before my TV was made.

    I hear they’re getting photoshop next week and if they have the cash, training.

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