2011 Correspondents’ Dinner

It’s always nice to see the President of the United States engaged in an event where the threat of bombing just refers to the possibility there may be some awkward moments of silence after having inadvertently hit the wrong comic note…

Anyway, it was another fairly deft performance at this year’s WHCA Dinner (aka the “nerd prom”) by Obama and his able team of writers.

While not nearly as brilliantly trenchant as it could have been – Stephen Colbert having set the bar almost impossibly high in that regard years ago when ironically fawning over Bush and mercilessly skewering the press with his withering sarcasm – Seth Myers competently delivered a pretty funny routine with some good lines.

Hats off, by the way, to the C-SPAN crew for cutting away from the stage and continually training their camera on Donald Trump – who was, understandably, the butt of a great many jokes at the event. Those repeated profile shots of him with a resolutely grim demeanour and the “fox on his head” were quite amusing counterpoints to the punchlines.


Why people vote the way they do…

When sifting through the aftermath of an election and attempting to make sense of the results, a lot of pundits (and politicians) are inclined to invoke the hilarious canard that the outcome reflects “the infinite wisdom of the Canadian voters” or something equally ridiculous. That appellation however never seems to square with the declared motivations of individual voters when quizzed about their intentions and preferences.

For example, take this fellow cornered at an event today who states that he formerly voted for the Conservatives, but is presently ticked off at them for spending too much money on “frivolous things” such as the G20 and is therefore now going to throw his lot in with the Liberals in hopes they will spend less. (Good luck with that!)

As dubious as the foregoing reason may be, there are many that are infinitely worse and more fantastically stupid. For example, I spoke with an elderly man today who’s reason for voting for Stephen Harper was twofold: 1) he thought that the “other guys” would take away his pension; and 2) he was impressed by the fact that Harper had given money to the Japanese for tsunami relief (or as he put it, “that thing that happened”) whereas, he felt, the “other guys” would have “kept it all for themselves.”

Where does one even to begin when dealing with such “infinite wisdom”?

Jacking Off Layton

The timing of this foolish distraction is fairly suspect, to say the least. Does anyone think for a moment that the Sun didn’t have this story in their back pocket all along? That they chose to drop it two days before the election indicates the frantic last-minute desperation of the Conservative Party media to derail the NDP and their dreaded “socialist hordes” as much as anything else.

By the way, doesn’t getting a “rub and tug” in a cathouse pretty much describe the daily activities of the Sun’s pundits (sometimes laughingly referred to with great irony as “journalists”)?

p.s. Does anyone else think that it’s totally weird that Sun TV thought it necessary to dramatically interrupt their regular programming with this “breaking news” about an “exclusive” non-story from 16 years ago?