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This cute little video came across the virtual transom today.

So I thought I’d check it out. Seems to be an “ABC” strategic voting resource, but quite aside from that, even if you don’t agree with the anti-Harper premise, it’s a fun little tool that provides local polling in your riding from various sources which it then extrapolates into a likely projection. Just out of curiosity I entered the two ridings of most interest to me and was actually quite surprised at the results in both cases.

To ensure that the projections weren’t skewed somehow, I also checked on Saanich-Gulf Islands. Looks like Canada’s tiniest minister is going to get re-elected without any difficulty whatsoever and Elizabeth May (who is the AVAAZ “pick” in this instance) will be lucky if she even comes in second.



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Ezra Levant v. Cedar Tree

Armed only with a gas-powered chainsaw, Ezra Levant demonstrates how, thousands of years ago, the capricious God of the Old Testament gave doughy, bespectacled little cunts dressed in plaid, absolute dominion over the Earth and all its living things.

This absurd stunt where Sun TV’s wannabe Glenn Beck maliciously hacked a potted cedar down to a ragged stump was apparently connected to a ridiculous strawman argument purporting that misanthropic environmentalists and others of a “liberal” persuasion (or “cult” as Ezra prefers), hate mankind and would just as soon depopulate the planet rather than allow free markets to work their infinite capitalist magic just as God intended. Or something like that.

I’ve watched this program a few times and it just baffles me. Maybe it’s all being messaged in some sort of tacit code or dog-whistle frequency that only batshit crazy wingnuts and fellow travellers of the radical right blogosphere can properly comprehend. It certainly doesn’t relate to any kind of reality that I’m familiar with.


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If the latest EKOS poll is to be believed, it seems that Jack Layton will be the next leader of the Opposition with a 100 seats to his credit. Heck, if he teams up with the Liberals to form a “reckless coalition” that Harper has relentlessly warned about through the campaign, he could even be the next Prime Minister!

As humiliating as such a projected outcome may be to diehard Liberals, I wouldn’t actually consider it to be such a bad thing. At last, the federal NDP would be held accountable for their votes in parliament.

Being elevated to the role of Official Opposition in a minority government scenario would likely impose some very awkward and compromising decisions on Mr. Layton and his party, especially should the Liberals decide to enjoy the newfound liberty that would be afforded them in such a situation by adamantly rejecting the Con’s proposed budget and any other confidence motions that happen to come down the pike, thereby firmly placing the onus on the NDP to prop up the Harper regime lest they precipitate an unwanted election.

And who knows… Such an outcome may even lead to more serious discussions about forming a Liberal Democratic Party at some point in the future.


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