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Some housekeeping notes…

I’m going to change the design theme of the blog over the weekend.

As much as I really like Michael Tyson’s “Elegant Grunge” design for WordPress, it has some peculiar shortcomings and restrictions that have been pushing my restive OCD buttons for some time now… Plus, I think that header with the Gustave Doré etching of naked people tumbling into the pit of Hell really needs to be revisited.

So, expect to see something fresh next week…
Which most probably will just be a return to the old, reliable, more mainstream “Twenty Ten” theme, but I’m hoping with some new twists.



A facetious “public service announcement” (brilliantly produced and edited by Julian Francis Adderley) in support of Canadian citizens opposed to the re-election of Stephen Harper and the Conservative party in the upcoming 2011 federal election.

Bonus feature: A compilation of Harper’s relentless – and thoroughly ridiculous – fear-mongering over the past several days about the dreaded, eeeeevil COALITION and its links to the Bloc Québécois (apparently, the nefarious “driving force” behind the aforementioned “ramshackle” coalition).

Maybe this unbelievably dumb, cynical, and completely disingenuous shit plays well to his base (go figure) and is effective in getting them off their backsides to vote, but surely, at some point in the campaign, all this nonsensical talk about a “coalition” (that doesn’t even exist!) must begin to sound like an absurd joke…

Election Signage

Should it be disallowed on public property?

Here’s a curious idea from former Oak Bay Mayor Christopher Causton, who is now the Liberal candidate in Victoria: stop putting campaign signs on public property as they are “visual pollution.”

It should interesting to see what, if any, effect the decision to voluntarily curb his street advertising in this way has on the uphill battle to unseat the NDP’s Denise Savoie.

Let’s see what you think…