Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca

A quick snapshot of the candidates running in my old stomping grounds.

Since 1993, the riding has been held by Keith Martin, albeit running under several different banners: Reform, Canadian Alliance, and Liberal. Prior to that, it was the electoral home (in fact, he lived on the Lower Mainland) of Dave Barrett, the charismatic former NDP Premier from the 70s.

The riding is interesting in the sense of it being a classic example of how vote-splitting on what is broadly considered to be “the Left” is most likely going to allow the Conservative candidate to win this highly unpredictable seat in the upcoming election.

How Conservative is Stephen Harper?

This is a poll for conservatives only (both “big C” and “little C” varieties).

Taking into account his overall governance and various policy factors such as fiscal management, social issues, immigration, defence, environment, etc., how would you rate Stephen Harper and his party as being in alignment with your own personal view of conservative principles, values, and ideological objectives as you see them?

Note to non-conservatives: Please don’t vote on this because it would defeat the purpose. You’re welcome of course to comment, but refrain from voting just to skew the results. I’d like to do something similar with respect to the other parties and will ask for the same respect from our conservative friends in that instance.

Bob Rae in Victoria

Liberal candidate Lillian Szpak (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca) is joined by Bob Rae who talks about the key differences between the Liberals and the Harper Conservatives.

If you want to get right to Rae’s remarks and skip the pleasantries at the beginning, jump to about 2 minutes into the video.

Thanks to amfreshcanada for the footage.