The Harper Song

Composer, lyricist and musical director John Roby delivers a witty tune encouraging “Steve to leave” and go prorogue himself. Doubtful given that Harper is striving to do the exact opposite: gain a semi-decisive majority and sufficient political capital to… well, who knows what?

Still, it’s a great little song that rattles off some of Harper’s parliamentary lowlights in a raspy voice that sounds like a cross between Tom Waits and Randy Newman.

Open Democracy

Harper style! Experience the thrill and excitement of being turned away at a Harper “event” if you’re not pre-screened and pre-registered in order to confirm that you’re already one the party faithful.

Funny, but I was under the impression that any person running to be Prime Minister might actually be making an effort to gain support from as many people as possible, not just staging contrived photo-ops in front of paid-up members of his own party invited in just to clap like trained seals to all of his wearisome talking points…

Canada’s All Gay News Channel

Well, at least that’s what comedian Dan Speerin thinks of the Sun News channel. You know, the cowboys, the mountains, the whole “proud” thing they’ve got going on…

According to Sun controlled newspapers (so you know it’s accurate!) viewers can hardly wait to turn their dial to channel 517 or whatever and watch news in the making – literally, in the sense they will be making stuff up. If it’s anything remotely like Fox News, you can bet on it.