Attack of the Conbots!

I don’t know why anybody would be in the least bit shocked that “Conservative partisans deliberately drowned out a journalist’s question to Mr. Harper.” Aside from being suitable wallpaper for whatever tiresome speech du jour the Dear Leader may happen to be delivering about [insert favourably poll-tested issue here], what other purpose the pre-screened, pre-approved members of the party faithful in [name of target swing riding] are meant to serve?

Quite frankly, I’m surprised that Terry Milewski was able to get out the first part of his rather lengthy and involved question without being shouted down by mindless chants of “Harper! Harper! Harper! Harper!” Guess the party operatives were a little slow off the mark at flipping the switch on their remotes in this instance.

What Party is Best for Ontario?

Another interesting discussion from TVO’s Agenda program, this time about the political dynamic of the federal election as it relates to the interests of Ontario.

I’m not sure that anything much was resolved in this debate in terms of the question posed, but it certainly provided some good insights into possible reasons why provincial concerns don’t seem to figure into the political dialog when it comes to Ontario in the same way as they tend to in other regions of Canada.