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Parliament 101

Right from the get-go, I knew that this “coalition” business would poison the well of discourse in the present election… But if nothing else good comes out of this vapid, snooze-inducing exercise, perhaps a few more Canadian citizens will have learned something about the way their parliament works – or, at least, how it always was intended to function. And that would be a good thing.

Here, Michael Ignatieff does a commendable job of rebuffing the twisted logic of Stephen Harper and his supporters that a minority government would give him the absolute and unimpeachable right to behave as if he had a clear majority and that any challenge to this deeply flawed premise is somehow “undemocratic.”

I could be wrong, but I suspect the reason this issue has reared its head again is because the media is by now weary (not that I can blame them) with dutifully reporting the endless repetition of visionless stump speeches dealing with small-bore issues and disappointed that the polls haven’t been jumping around sufficiently for them to breathlessly report on the sporting aspect of the election. Understandably, they would much rather escape the phenomenally dull reality of an inane campaign in order to re-engage in the familiar and more mentally stimulating activity of hypothetical speculation (aka “fiction”).



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Dumping on Trump

Since The Donald announced that he was “seriously thinking” about running for President of the United States, and more particularly since he started breathing new life into the ridiculous “birther” movement, Lawrence O’Donnell at the The Last Word has had a field day skewering the putative billionaire and what Larry vehemently contends is nothing but a shameless publicity stunt.

Last night’s segment may be the best one to date ripping Trump’s credibility (if one can call it that) to shreds.

As entertaining as it would be if Trump did actually run (which I too, seriously doubt), it’s a pretty sad commentary on the catastrophic level of stupefying idiocy that’s evidently rampant within the Republican base that this arrogant, clueless prick is currently leading or coming a strong second in polls amongst various contenders for the G.O.P. nomination.


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Harperland: The Trailer

A more accurate version of the Conservatives’ “Our Country” ad/movie trailer (you know the one that’s a cheap knock-off of Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty’s promotional video for his book, PAC, and/or exploratory venture).


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