Tricky Dicks

Now, I ask you… is this the face of a lying douchebag?

Or (not to go all Glenn Beck on you here), perhaps just that of a more-than-willing “fall guy” for an elaborate hoax? After all, this weird little flap is, as Ignatieff rightly said “bizarro” in every respect.

According to Sun TV’s “star” bloviators and squad of sleeveless fembots, they should be commended for having performed the bare minimum of due diligence needed to arrive at the totally fucking obvious conclusion that the rather strange photo and concocted story attached to it was patently bogus. Moreover (again, according to Sun TV), they should be lauded for then refusing to print or broadcast it as “news” on their pathetic right-wing agit-prop channel… Bravo, Sun News!

At the same time however, in classic tabloid fashion, they sort of got to screw their cake and eat it too in terms of puffing up this ridiculous allegation for a few days worth of reckless discussion casting vague doubts about the Liberal leader’s past activities vis-à-vis the Iraq War, suggesting perhaps he was even a nefarious “secret foreign agent” of some kind… yet all the while ostentatiously pretending to take the journalistic high ground and distance themselves from the accusations being vigorously hinted at.

What a brilliantly played little charade.


Wow. That’s about all I can say concerning the latest poll showing that the NDP has the support of 31% of those surveyed – almost a statistical tie with the Harper Conservatives; an impressive achievement by any measure and something that would have inconceivable just a month ago. Meanwhile, Liberal support has collapsed, falling to a dismal 22%. Despite having run a competent and vigorous campaign, Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal team is no match it seems for “orange tide” presently sweeping the country.

Riding the current wave of enthusiasm, Jack now wants us to “imagine” him as the next Prime Minister… an event not likely to happen immediately, but certainly one that’s increasingly plausible and may even become reality in the course of events.

As I’ve said before, Canadian voters, or at least those surveyed in polls, are clearly signalling that they: a) reject the status quo in parliament; and b) believe Jack Layton and the NDP will be a more effective voice of opposition to the Conservatives than would be the Liberals – a party that (for understandable reasons) time and again has failed to “walk the walk” in that regard. And not to be discounted, there is the personal charisma of Layton, who compares favourably in that respect by a country mile to both the Liberal and Conservative leaders.

Barring a miracle of some kind, for the Liberals this election is looking more like another calamity in the making… (Now I know what if must feel like to be a Leafs fan). For whatever reason, their latest gimmicks (the fact that I felt compelled to refer to them as such may be telling) have failed to catch on and despite performing better than expected and having succeeded in dispelling many of the myths created about him by the HarperCon lie factory over the last several years, Michael Ignatieff remains a difficult sell. Even so, out of disaster comes opportunity. There’s always another season to play and maybe we’ll even get a better draft pick next time around.

Obama Trumps the Birthers

Today’s release by the White House of President Obama’s “long form” birth certificate likely still won’t satisfy some of the diehard loons, crackpot conspiracy theorists and racist haters that apparently inhabit the Republican party in surprisingly large numbers, but amongst the majority of relatively sane people, the “controversy” over Obama’s birth certificate should now finally be put to rest.

The funny thing is that Karl Rove may quite probably have been correct. Virtually alone amongst right-wing pundits, he has long been pleading with Republicans to drop the issue, insisting that they were being drawn into a trap to discredit them – a “roach motel” as Chris Matthews put it so well. If indeed that’s the case, the strategy worked brilliantly.

Queen of the Birthers Update:
After refusing to talk about the birth certificate she’s been demanding for the past three years and instead launches into a new line of attack, Larry kicks fanatical lunatic Orly Taitz off his show.