Subliminal Frames

If you’ve watched Santorum’s “Obamaville” web advert once or twice, it’s easy to miss a number of what can only be described as “subliminal” images as they appear for only a fraction of a second and often in rapid succession. Whether or not that advertising tactic actually works is highly debatable – personally, I’m rather doubtful that it has any effect whatsoever. It is, however, highly insightful with regards to the mindset of the ad’s creators.

So here for your edification are some of the split-second images you might not have apprehended at first or second glance.

Having ferreted them out, it’s hard for me to watch the video without seeing them now, but I’m curious… Did you notice that the attractive black woman shushing the viewer with her finger over her lips appears again towards the end of the ad? What do you think she’s asking the viewer to keep secret?

After the ad conflates Iran’s Ahmadinejad with Obama on the television, did you notice the little blond boy wandering into a dark, menacing forest? I know for sure I missed that one.

But you probably did get the quick shot of the scary-looking Muslim dude, right? Can’t demonize Obama without one of those!

The hamburger coming out of the meat grinder also escaped my attention at first. Not sure where that metaphor is directed… could be the war in Afghanistan or possibly some allusion to the Soylent Green future awaiting the miserable white folk of Obamaville should you-know-who get re-elected.

The others you may have caught: the close-up of the pensive young woman (not sure what that’s meant to signify); Obama looking terribly grim and forbidding; the Capitol building shot with a red filter to make it appear Hellish or possibly awash in blood; the goofy, uptight looking white woman with glasses sneering in disgust; and finally the helpless baby clothed in red in a pink bassinet.

I’m actually quite amazed that Santorum’s people didn’t include a picture of a fetus in the ad somewhere, but I guess this image of the baby comes pretty close to conjuring up that mental association.

5 Replies to “Subliminal Frames”

  1. Also, around the 0:13 mark there is a smiling white mom with her 2 smiling white daughters standing on the porch of a nice white house immediately followed by white men crowded around a table smoking cigars and ? – maybe checking the racing stats? Seems very 1950’s.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t mention those because they were featured in the breakdown referenced in the previous video. But, you’re quite right — they do strike an incredibly retro note.

  3. seriously, where’s the media in all of this? “mr santorum, if elected, do tyou intend to bring your unethical parlo0r tricks to the oval office to use against the american people?”

    on a side note, he may well get the veep nod from romney. that would solidify the base. god, help us.


  4. stewart astutely notes that all of the denizens of obamaville are white. in fact, the only people of color seen in his video are presented as “the bad guys” (i have to assume, given the context, that the lovely shoosher – momma poppa! – is in on obamasecret, or obamalull or obamatrix or whatever it is that beautiful black women are known to do to unsuspecting white folk).


  5. This ad is the best piece of unintentional political black comedy I’ve seen in years.

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