Mitt-tastic Tales of the Ordinary!

True Fact: After a hectic day of impersonating a human being on the campaign trail, zillionaire and would-be Republican front-runner Willard “Mitt” Romney likes nothing more than to chow down on a sugary bowl of cold breakfast cereal every night before hitting the sack. Why, that makes him just like… well, not many people, actually. But hey, nice try!

What other fascinating details of Mitt’s lifestyle as an ordinary humanoid visiting from planet Kolob will be revealed by his campaign team in the weeks and months to come? Stay tuned!

Has YouTube Killed “Related Videos”?

Google moves in mysterious ways… Whatever happened to “related videos” on YouTube that were at least in someway tangentially similar to the previous video watched?

Suddenly, it seems that there are only four options presented – none of which are remotely connected to the preceding video. Like the ubiquitous promo for the “Invisible Mercedes” or some “Epic Pee Prank” they do however have many millions of hits.

It also seems that the “suggestions” (in the past, always pathetically inept guesses for the most part) are now just the same as those appearing where “related videos” used to!

Quite odd…