Different Messengers, Same Story

A “conservative” speaks out about the controversial shooting of “gangsta hoodlum” Trayvon Martin.

While it’s easy to dismiss the commenter given that he’s a 400 lb. redneck with a drawling southern accent, wearing denim overalls and a coonskin cap, the fact of the matter is that his opinions and convoluted rationalizations concerning the murder of Trayvon Martin are essentially identical to those now being peddled by the well-heeled millionaire pundits on Fox News and so-called “conservatives” across the spectrum of right-wing media.

Update: Video has just now surfaced showing George Zimmerman – the paranoid wannabe cop who claimed he was beaten to within an inch of his life – emerging in handcuffs from a police cruiser shortly after the incident, but without assistance, completely unscathed from his allegedly life-threatening altercation. No bloody contusions, no broken nose, no signs of his head having been repeatedly slammed into the ground, no blood spatter, no tell-tale grass stains on the back of his shirt; in short, nothing whatsoever that would corroborate his ludicrous version of events on the night he chased down and shot a black kid for the crime of wearing a hoodie and, as Zimmerman put it in his call to 911, “just walking around, looking about.”

I wonder how the virulently racist wingnuts will spin this next?

10 Replies to “Different Messengers, Same Story”

  1. I remember when American “conservatives” were represented by people like Russell Kirk and William F. Buckley.

    Now, they are represented by “Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.”

  2. Red
    I have to agree with you there. I’ve broken my beak on more than one occasion and it is really hurts initially and becomes numbingly uncomfortable about an hour or so afterwards. There is no way, if that video is of Zimmerman after the murder, you would stand upright calmly and follow instructions like a puppy.
    Even if he had changed shirts, a busted beak bleeds badly and his beard would retain some sticky residue. As for evidence of an altercation gains you are spot on, he looks pretty pristine. I remember what I looked like after getting jumped after a football game in the UK back in the 80s. Most of my clothes were thrown out because they were not salvageable.
    Something isn’t right here.

  3. I think the police security cam video lays the matter to rest. He was not attacked. He had no broken nose, nor did he have a gash on the back of his head. He shot a 17 year old kid in cold blood and then was aided in covering it up by the police. If heads don’t roll over this, it is a horrible stain on the justice system, in Florida and the US in general.

    I suspect the family won’t have much of a problem finding lawyers willing to take this case all the way if necessary. It’s starting to look like a dead win.

  4. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that his cap is lined with tin foil waiting for instructions from Alex jones about the new civil war. Perhaps fatty should stick to what he knows best, building his underground survival bunker waiting for “god” to rapture him up.

  5. George Zimmerman is a gun toting racist white male. The concept of neighborhood watch programs are fascist and racist and they should be banned.

  6. Saw an “enhanced” video today showing Zimmerman with a gash on his head. This whole thing has been botched from the start. Im sure everybody wants a “do-over”.

    That and had a strange experience watching “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The Gun Fever episode has some overlap with this case.

  7. ATY: Indeed. I was always a big fan of Buckley – from watching “Firing Line” as a kid (hey, I was a nerd, what can I say?) to a bit later on reading his essays compiled in books like “Inveighing We Will Go”). To me, he’ll always be the quintessential notion of modern conservatism. Fair to say, I think, that he probably wouldn’t share much common ground with the constituency of today’s Republican Party.

  8. Parklife: I’m reluctant to blame the police per se in this case. If nothing else, the video shows clearly that Zimmerman was in cuffs and presumably bound to be arrested before a higher authority up the legal food chain stepped in and called for him to be released from custody (for unknown reasons – perhaps due to the “stand your ground” law, or maybe because his father was a retired judge, or… who knows why?). Apparently, the lead investigator on the case made it clear that he didn’t believe Zimmerman’s version of events and made subsequent efforts to corroborate his disbelief via personal interviews with 911 callers in the neighborhood. That said, who knows what bungling went on at the crime scene – safe to assume it wasn’t “CSI Miami” quality forensics, but hey, we’re talking Mayberry Sanford, FLA here.

    As for the “enhanced” video showing a “gash” on Zimmerman’s head – well, whoop-de-do. That’s hardly congruent with the version of events wherein his head was (allegedly) being repeatedly smashed into a concrete sidewalk to the point where he supposedly formulated his desperate “do or die” defensive manoeuvre to avoid being spoon-fed as a brain-dead vegetable by his estranged brother for the remainder of this life (according to the version of events peddled on the Piers Morgan show the other week).

    Good grief… what is the hold up here? Are we not to believe our lying eyes? Are we not to believe the 911 tapes (both of Zimmerman’s paranoid speculation and subsequent breathless chase around the block of the “fucking coon”)? Are we not to believe the numerous other 911 tapes that show screams for help (now proven to a degree of 99% probability NOT to be those of Zimmerman) as being anything other than what they plainly appear to be?

    All that’s being asked is that Zimmerman be arrested and brought to trial.

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