“Obamaville” Examined

Wow. I’d heard about this attack ad put together by the Santorum campaign and finally saw it last night on Hardball. Chris Matthews and his fellow chuckleheads all seemed to have a good laugh at its apocalyptic absurdity and the fact it plays more like the trailer for a slasher movie than a political ad.

It’s quite a stunning piece of work, especially when examined closely. A site called businessinsider.com has broken it down frame by frame, along with hilarious commentary.

However, they’ve also missed a whole lot of “subliminal” things that were stuffed into this incredibly bizarre one minute video. Things you may not even have realized were there. So, stay tuned… In a future post I’ll try to tease them out for you — some are quite amazing.

12 Replies to ““Obamaville” Examined”

  1. I hope I’m not the only one to notice the irony of Ahmadinejad appearing in this. Santorum is equally insane. He should be a patient in a mental institution instead of a candidate for president.

  2. i don’t mean to jump the gun, rt, but what the fuck are these people thinking?! how do i even attempt to list the ways in which their clumsy stab at subliminal suggestion is so terribly? it’s pseudo-science, so they’re fucking idiots to even bother with it. they use it to try to sway the electorate, so they’re depraved manipulators. the only way it’s not illegal is if the cut excedes a certain length, so they willing to skirt the law. they didn’t fool anyone, because the rest of us aren’t as stupid as the must believe we are, so now they’ll have to account for their hamfisted trickery.

    oh, it was just a nasty swipe at obama, some of you might say? maybe, but i’m playing it just as i have here.


  3. Kev
    Men who stare at goats stupidity.
    I can almost hear Stacey’s corporate creep lingo being taken seriously by Santorimidad’s crew/

  4. i’m not a knee-jerk media basher, but they’ve dropped the ball on this. they seem to think the issue is one of taste. few are addressing the fact that even attempting to sway the electorate with pseudo-science mind manipulation is FUCKING UNETHICAL! i’d like someone to ask him, if he should get elected, does he intend to continue using the technique against the american people.

    lotta f-bombs from me on this. i just can’t believe this is the state of things.


  5. KEv: I think it goes without saying that the advert is reprehensible on multiple levels – the employment of subliminal advertising techniques being just one of them.

    Perhaps had the ad played on TV rather than just a blip on the web it would have attracted more serious attention instead of just being made sport of by pundits like Matthews as being ridiculous nonsense.

    What intrigues me about it is the fact that it quite neatly encapsulate the radical – or, to be more accurate, completely insane – beliefs of a certain contingent of the extreme right-wing in America when it comes to Obama. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a tiny fringe group – they number in the countless millions! Just look at recent gun sales that are skyrocketing (again) because these deranged loons are convinced that if re-elected Obama will for sure this time take away their precious firearms.

    BTW, I thought it was interesting that this ad was paid for by Santorum’s campaign – not his SuperPAC – but there’s no mention at the end of him approving the message. Odd that.

  6. haha… i warned you it was bad.

    It actually creeps me out. But in a way that I find disturbing and find more of a concern for the group that made it. Would an independent find this sort of advertising persuasive?

  7. “Odd that.”

    believe it or not, the candidate’s caveat isn’t required in interent advertising. i think it’s only required once the general election comes to within a certain time frame; one month prior to general, or something like that. yes, they’ve left themselves plenty of holes. they always do when it comes to campian reform.


  8. er, “internet….”

    another thing:

    “just a blip on the web”

    from what i understand, it’s to be an 8-part series. be interesting to see if they wise up or not, or if the media finally realises that the paractice is, at the very least, eggregiously unethical.


  9. Hardly. It’s difficult not to have viewed the ridiculous GOP primary race with a certain degree of “morbid delight” throughout the whole process.

    Judging by recent polls, it seems that even plenty of Republicans have been mortified by its negativity and overall absurdity.

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