I guess winning the Georgia primary in tonight’s discount version of “Super Tuesday” may help Newt stay puft for a while longer in the race to be the standard bearer of ignorant, batshit-crazy white people across America, but what is up with the poor lad forced to hold a sign reading “Newt-a-Mania”?

Should be interesting to see how this putative appeal to deranged right-wing maniacs, that presumably are desperate for an egotistical windbag with the moral compass of a raccoon to be their leader, unfolds in the coming weeks.

Conservative Double-Standard?

Why, I’m shocked, simply shocked, I tell you, to discover that Conservatives would employ a flagrant double-standard when it comes to the matter of… well, anything.

Of course, in this particular instance the root of the problem is that the Conservatives’ original objection to not having ministerial staffers testify before investigative parliamentary committees was nothing but a self-serving evasion of public scrutiny that could have been potentially embarrassing. Now the tables have been turned however, all their righteously indignant protestations in former times are expediently tossed overboard and clearly shown as having been completely without merit in the first instance. That’s pretty much par for the course, isn’t it?