Brietbart Dead of “Natural Causes”

El Rushbo pays tribute to Andrew (‘Stop Raping People!”) Brietbart, the muckraking right-wing activist and provocative web entrepreneur who abruptly died today at the age of 43.

Of course, Libmbaugh’s somber eulogy turns out to be really nothing more than a convenient vehicle to attack supposedly hate-filled “leftists” (based on his nut-picking of heartless comments made on Twitter) and to trash the so-called liberal media; in this case, quibbling over the AP’s entirely accurate description of Brietbart’s career

Meanwhile, on right-wing websites, conspiracy theories abound… The one favoured by most appears to imply that Brietbart’s vague threat to expose the “hidden agenda” of President Obama prior to the upcoming election and his “mysterious” death cannot possibly be coincidental.