GOP Voters

TPM offers up an amusing snippet from one of pollster and evil genius wordsmith Frank Luntz’s infamous focus groups; in this case with Republican caucus voters in Iowa – who are, evidently, some of the most obtuse and profoundly ignorant people on planet Earth.

It would be interesting to know how many of the participants in Luntz’s focus group are regular viewers of Fox News and/or listeners of Rush Limbaugh, et. al. because all of their remarks are simply echoes of the hilariously fact-free tropes about President Obama that are routinely peddled by the right-wing media.



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10 responses to “GOP Voters

  1. Rotterdam

    Twenty per cent of Americans also believe 9/11 was Bush’s idea.
    They voted Obama.

  2. Wow. That makes for sobering viewing. Even Luntz is visibly shaken. When you manage to shock a guy who literally grew up in the dengue-infested swamps of the GOP psyche with the Rove-Atwater kommando and has presumably seen and heard it all, you know you’ve lapsed into political glossolalia.

    Kudos to Fox for actually running the segment. I can’t imagine what their upside is in showing significant elements of their viewership to be cretinous far-right versions of the 9/11 Troofers to whom Rotterdam alluded.

  3. SF: I could be naïve, but I’m hoping maybe we’ve reached some kind of tipping point in terms of the right-wing establishment finally recognizing that their media shills have created a monster with their non-stop torrent of hateful quackery over the past few years.

  4. Rotterdam: You have no proof that the people who believe Bush was responsible for 9/11 voted for Obama. In fact, those same people are far more likely to believe that Obama is a tool of the NWO, Zionists, and whatever other kooky conspiracies they subscribe to. I’d bet that they don’t even vote at all, because they’re so deeply cynical about the whole political process…

  5. Rotterdam

    The wingnut 9/11 truthers (Obama voters)and “Obama is muslim” (McCain voters) are more Internet or Michael Moore products. We can thank the bloggers from both the left and right.

  6. Rotterdam: I wouldn’t entirely disagree with that. It sort of relates to a previous discussion here about the isolating and polarizing effects the Internet has had on political discourse that were quite contrary to what the founders of the technology and subsequent innovators had hoped its impact would be in terms of helping bring people together and eradicating misinformation. Delusional, or what?

  7. Nothing has really changed in America since the 1950’s. The level of cultural literacy has only changed in relation to medium – namely, electronic.

    These people are really no different than the Jingoists who supported HUAC.

  8. And let’s not forget that uniquely American phenomenon, the Know Nothing Party from the 1850s. Only in the USA could a party with a name like that gain political traction.

  9. Rotterdam

    “Republican caucus voters in Iowa – who are, evidently, some of the most obtuse and profoundly ignorant people on planet Earth.”

    Your buddy, Liberal guru Bill Mahar does not believe that Obama is a christian either. He believes he is a secular humanist. At least the “ignorant” Iowa voters have more evidence, all be it scant.

  10. My “buddy” Bill Maher can think whatever he wants to about Obama’s beliefs, but if we’re in the game of taking the president “at his word” (as right-wing pundits are so fond of saying), then I’d direct you to watch his quite remarkable speech the other week at the annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

    It’s not a position that I happen to share, but certainly one that I’m prepared to accept as being sincere.

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