Countdown: Late-Night TV Recap

Another week of comical drubbing for the zany kooks of the right-wing.


4 Replies to “Countdown: Late-Night TV Recap”

  1. At a minimum, Colbert should get some type of an award. What he really deserves is sainthood.

    Thank God someone was able and willing to apply the appropriate skill and wit to rightfully skewer that charlatan Glenn Beck.

  2. It must be a quite a challenge for Colbert as Beck is so crazed that he almost defies mockery.

    By the way, I was disappointed that Stewart didn’t point out that Limbaugh actually broadcasts most of his shows from a studio in Palm Beach (not far from his lavish estate), so his threat to pack up and leave NYC if forced to pay an additional 3% in taxes (which is what that massive increase he was going ballistic about works out in real terms) was kind of ludicrous.

    Also, get this… according to the GOP’s own spokesmen, the effective rate of tax paid by top earners is really less than 25%.

  3. Vanity Fair apparently did a survey of the Limbaugh audience and the average age of his listeners is 67.

    Maybe it will be a generational thing – the youth will bring him down. One hopes

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