Colbert v. Citizens United

More fun with SuperPacs from the team of Stephen Colbert and his friend/business partner Jon Stewart (with whom he’s definitely not co-ordinating!).

Because he’s not on the ballot in South Carolina and that state’s GOP doesn’t allow write-ins, the latest TV ad from the Americans for a Better America Tomorrow, Tomorrow SuperPac, Republican primary voters are encouraged to express their support for Stephen Colbert by casting a stealth vote for ex-candidate Herman Cain (who dropped out of the race several weeks ago, but remains on the ballot).

It’s great fun watching Colbert slip a turd into the box lunch of the Republican primary contest. Obviously he won’t “win” the SC primary, but I’m pretty sure he’s got another Peabody Award in the bag.

6 Replies to “Colbert v. Citizens United”

  1. Precisely. He’s still “exploring” whether to run… But meanwhile, the “uncoordinated” SuperPac is pushing another agenda. That the two things happen to coincide with the same objective is purely coincidental. 😉

  2. Colbert just mentioned something about getting 13% if he ran as an independent. I wonder, if he did, would he split more of Obamas’ vote or the Republicans?

  3. Good question. Might be worth considering if it ever becomes a serious proposition should he decide to capture one of the marginal 3rd parties out there…

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