70 Replies to “TDS: ((( Jon Stewart )))”

  1. Excellent!
    I still don’t believe Beck could possibly be serious, though. It’s just a shtick, right?

  2. That was freaking hilarious.

    Martin – I read an article recently that suggested it was an act. The writer’s premise was that Beck created this right wing persona because he realized he would appeal to a particular group and would also make tons of money.

  3. Glenn Beck gets a large audience because he is placed on a good time slot on Fox. He was a nobody when he was on CNN. I’m not really a fan of his, he comes across as a snake oil salesman. I really don’t understand his appeal. I suspect that a sizable portion of his audience are liberal gadflys who watch his show to amuse themselves.

    They should replace him with more thoughtful conservatives like John Stossel, who is informed and articulate. Instead they placed him in purgatory on the Fox Business channel that nobody watches.

    I have to admit, the part about “Bert” made me chuckle a bit.

    I recently installed an iPhone/iTouch app called “TuneIn Radio”. It can stream up to 30,000 radio channels (that broadcast on the internet) from all around the world. I mention this because I’m wondering how long traditional mainstream media can survive. While it’s true that Fox News and Daily Show both have a large audience–they are taylor-made for a specific niche (Fox catering to conservatives, Daily Show towards liberals). With my iTouch, I can search for any podcast/streaming radio station that fits my tastes/biases/preferences or whatnot.

    CNN which bills itself as impartial news network, but that type of ‘objective reporting’ is going the way of the do-do. Conservative media is ahead of the curve at the moment because they were the first to offer an alternative to the ‘straight’ mainstream media–they have the infrastructure and knowledge on how to capture the center-right audience. Liberals are behind and playing catch-up, because they are late on arrival.

    When I was a kid, there were 4 TV channels: CBC english, CBC french, TV Ontario, and CTV. I understand there were even less options during my parents’ generation. Nowadays, a basic digital cable subscription provides hundreds of specialty channels in order to capture eyeballs to stay in front of the TV.

    It is getting increasingly difficult for media centralize it’s audience. Conservatives who are dissatisfied with Limbaugh can get their news and views from smaller alternatives–like Alex Jones for the conspiracy theory/Ron Paul types. I think that Beck was placed on Fox to capture some of the “dissatisfied conservative” market. Alternative views are fine, but they should actually be presented in a credible and informed manner.

  4. While I never watch him, I understand Glenn Beck frequently quotes Thomas Paine. Doesn’t Beck realise Paine was a liberal?

  5. So many juicy Liberal Party failings of late and no corresponding posts on here………………is someone becoming disengaged in politics north of the border?

  6. …is someone becoming disengaged in politics north of the border?

    I think Red already covered why the Liberal party is of very little interest right now. There is no point in beating a dead horse.

  7. fair enough……they are dead in the water, at least until they have a new leader.

  8. Hello ? Place seems a mite empty..
    Hello ?
    Anyone at home ?
    The door was unlocked so I just..wandered in.
    Hm….real quiet….Maybe I can make a coffee or something.

  9. I’ve noticed that all Bloggers have slowed-down production in the last 18-24 months. As much as I enjoy visiting a few of them still, I have come to believe that Social Media is eroding the blogosphere. I started my Blog in 2005 and that was five years ago now. I sense people are weary and the whole thing is a sideshow now … just my theory.

  10. ATY.. re blog slow-down.

    In part, maybe, its economic stress.. with affluence comes the luxury of worrying about things like political philosophy.. and when things get tight economically, that luxury wanes.

    I’m thinking there’s not a lot of bloggers in Haiti right now discussing the ramifications of global warming, or Obama’s health care plan.

    Which, I think, perhaps also explains the attraction of guys like Glen Beck.

    Enjoy the Easter weekend fellow philosophers.
    He likes to pretend there are some simple answers to some pretty fundamental failings of modern democracy. And the public, getting more and more afraid of what tomorrow is going to bring, is only too quick to buy into the story that there is a boogyman out there and if we can only throw him out from under the bed, everything will be ok.

  11. ah ha! good eye, sas. i had been checking the sidebar, at first, and it seemed to have been as inactive as the blog.

    twitter ain’t my bag, rt. come ’round again soon.


  12. This place is deadsville.

    Even Ti-Guy no longer hangs out.

    Conservatives 37

    Liberals 27

    NDP 15

    The Liberal numbers started to tank and swing to the Conservatives about the same time Iggy hit the airwaves with his thinker’s conference. Bob Rae would have the Liberals in the lead.

    Instead the Liberal’s present numbers are within a point of the Liberal’s calamitous 2008 election results under Dion.

  13. Oh, and Ti-Guy, if you happen to drop by, do you mind answering the following question:

    why is it that contrary to a growing number of Canadians, you continue to support that train-wreck of a leader, Michael Ignatieff? What do you see in this man that the rest of us fail to see? If you say I support him because I’m an unabashed Liberal partisan, I will be disappointed but will respect your honesty.

    I await your answer with baited breath.

  14. Ignatieff is going to surprise us all.
    No idea why I think that. Perhaps I just cannot accept the idea that more Canadians are actually moving over to this dangerous little bugger Harper.

  15. Umm Drake,

    I think you need to refer back a few posts in which Ti-Guy said his farewell. He has not commented here since actually, You might have to track him down somewhere else.

  16. What’s up with the FEMALE LIBERAL APPEARANCE?

    So what’s up with the Liberal Female appearance anyways?

    From judges to talk show host, they all seem to have this butch dyke super freak hair do?

  17. Now come on Suzi. A person as ugly as you shouldn’t be hurling insults about another’s looks.

  18. RE: Ekos poll of May 19th:

    It’s official, Iggy’s worse than Dion. And Dion was a hard act to beat. Dion had the requisite intestinal fortitude to lead a party, Iggy’s proven to be a gutless wonder, led by his own caucus. The only way he’d ever become Prime Minister is if he succeeded an existing one prior to an election, like Turner and Kim Cambpell, he’d last just as long as them.

    The Liberals need a leader desperately, the only one I see is Bob Rae, there’s no one else to pass the torch to in the younger generation. And please don’t suggest Justin Trudeau, he’s his mother’s son, not his father’s son. Justin Trudeau as leader of the Liberals? Imagine Margaret Sinclair leading the party, and perish the thought.

  19. Drake,

    The Liberal’s have snookered themselves. There was no way that Christmas 2009 could have foreseen what has since transpired.

    The Liberal’s held all their war meetings and decided the coalition was a political loser. They had to replace Dion and do it as a palace coup. Since then their popularity has gone up and down but never at the same time they had a back bone. So, no election, the continuing Dionesque performance by Ignatieff propping up the Conservative’s and the constant nagging and complaining about everything the government does.

    The negative stuff has worked. Harper’s popularity has been significantly dampened. But it has worked too well and the Liberal’s just appear to be the fishwife of Canada. Liberal’s salting of the fields has worked against themselves as well.

    There is no path for the Liberal’s except the one offered by Andrew Coyne. Re-build the party with real policies that are defendable, consistent and will look just as good 5 years from now. If long time party members don’t like the new policies, show them the door and they can make a choice. Whatever happens they need to stand for something other than getting elected, and they need to have more morality than unitarian hand holding.

  20. Tomm,

    You mean “Christmas 2009”. I agree that what ails the Liberals goes beyond mere leadership and includes putting forth a credible set of principles and policies. There’s been hints of that in the last couple of months but they need to step it up.

    Iggy has turned out to be quite the political dud though. I don’t think anyone expected he’d be this inept. He has no political instincts whatsoever. And if he’s learning on the job, his progress has been excrutiatingly slow.

  21. I will add a word here about the current environmental calamity in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The main stream media has been mighty patient with Barack Obama on this matter. He’s been impotent on this matter. All he’s been doing is finger-pointing at BP. That’s not leadership. Blaming other people is a bit of leftist disease but when you’re in charge, the buck stops with you. Can’t he send in the Army Corps of Engineers or something.

    What is terrorists start targetting U.S. off-shore oil installations. Oh, that’s right, Obama doesn’t think anyone’s at war with the U.S., I forgot.

  22. My 7:33 p.m. comment yesterday, I meant to say. “You mean “Christmas 2008.””

  23. I guess the only way that Drake can make a point that isnt easily refuted is by talking to himself.

    Way to go mental masturbator er strongman!

  24. sapphireandsteel and other readers of this blog.

    ***breaking news****

    Stephen Maher of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald claims that Rae and Chretien are subtly pushing Iggy out.

  25. Drake,

    It is a mess.

    I guess they will wait for Conservative support to implode…

    There will be something…

    The billion dollar boondoggle…

    Maybe the contempt of Parliament stuff…

    At some point, the Conservative support will bottom out again (~30%?)

    The Liberal’s will have stolen those 5% and be around 30% themselves. They will like their chances and pull the pin.

    But since Ignatieff pulls their support down, and Harper pulls his parties support up, as soon as the writ is dropped and we start seeing both Harper and Ignatieff on the evening news, the trend will reserve itself. Harper will get another minority, but the Liberal’s will have saved the furniture and have the excuse to kick out their leader.

    …oh, what wicked webs we weave…

  26. “Harper pulls his parties support up”

    Ha ha ha. that’s the funniest thing Ive read in a while

  27. Red doesn’t seem to keen on the coalition thingy judging by his twitter comments.

    Good call Red. An Liberal/NDP coalition = a Conservative majority.

    Changing subjects: Obama’s abandoning of the U.S’s world leadership role is starting to have consequences. Nine people dead trying to break the Gaza blockade. Expect more deaths in the near future as Israel’s enemies are emboldened by Obama’s laissez-faire approach.

    Obama, I always knew he was an ideologue. I never knew he was this hopelessly incompetent.

  28. June 11th – Read Chantal Hébert’s column in the Toronto Star. She doesn’t think Iggy will be around to fight the next election against the Conservatives.

  29. Drake,

    I think the LPC is hooped. Ignatieff leads them into an election or he resigns. There is no middle ground.

    It sounds like Chretien and Ignatieff aren’t seeing eye to eye. Quite frankly they are both wrong.

  30. I declare this Blog to be abandoned and thus, defunct.

    It was one of the Great Sites in the once-relevent blogosphere.

    RIP Red Tory: 2004-2010.

    It was fun while it lasted.

    You are all dismissed.

  31. I declare this blog open to new and varied comment.

    It remains a great site and rivals Lenin’s Mausoleum in importance to Canadian’s.

  32. Only a real Red Tory such as myself is qualified to make such comments, Tomm.

    You Republican-types can blather on needlessly if you must, but the Blogosphere is passe – and has been for about two years now. Time to move on.

    I would imagine Rush Limbaugh tweets – go bother him now.

  33. “… the Blogosphere is passe – and has been for about two years now. ”

    I never knew.

    Thanks. I’ll go back to my knitting.

  34. Stephen Harper has pummelled his opponents in the last five years. Iggy won’t make it to year’s end.

    Paul Martin (2003-2006) RIP

    self-inflicted death, called the Gomery Inquiry, was a weak and directionless leader. All he has to show for his three years in power was legislation implementing same-sex marriage.

    Stephane Dion (2006-2008) RIP

    Announced his resignation after leading the Liberals to one of their worst performances in terms of the popular vote since Confederation. In the end was the victim of an internal mutiny in the Liberal Party after his coalition project collapsed on December 4th. Less than 4 days later, he was history, made to walk the plank.

    Michael Ignatieff (2008-2010?)

    Is being done in by his own ineptitude. His policy stances put him to the right of the Liberal Party. Is occupying the same ground of the political spectrum as Stephen Harper. The Liberal natives are restless. He won’t last the year. Either Harper beats him in an election or Liberals get to him first and depose the man who never was elected to the post in the first place.

  35. Oh, and one more thing.


    your president really, really sucks.

    How do you spell one-term president?


  36. Happy Canada Day to everyone!

    The best country on earth – if only because of this country’s natural wonders. But the people ain’t bad either.

  37. “Stephen Harper has pummelled his opponents in the last five years.”

    Hilarious! I guess that’s what a minority victory is called in Conbotland.

  38. Happy Birthday Canada!

    We live in one of the most blessed places on the planet.

    “God keep our land, glorious and free”

    Happy Canada Day everyone!

  39. I’m with ATY on this one. Would the last person out turn off the lights?

  40. In case anyone is reading still, or RT can get comments…is he okay? His last messages on twitter really worried me. Does he have a place to stay? Money?

    If anyone knows how he is doing or what he is up to, please email me aurelia dot cotta at gmail dot com . Or just follow up to comments here, I clicked notify. Thanks.

  41. Judging from the twitter comments, Martin has landed on his feet in Winnipeg. I am glad you managed to work everything out, Red. If you take a look at his story, I do have to hand it to him. There are very few people I know who could bounce back from that. Point taken though: Those online pundits probably never actually suffered real hardship yet seem to lecture on end how the poor and unfortunate are just lazy, never work hard enough, and leech off of entitlement programs.

    At this point, I think it is safe to say that when experiencing serious difficulty in life and overcoming it, Martin actually knows what its like.

    Best of luck, Martin. Looking forward to making your return to the blogosphere.

  42. I hope Martin is alright now. I wonder: “Why Winnipeg?”

    I am not judging as I lived there for 12 years – just curious.

    Best of Luck … and I hope you post sometime soon …

  43. “Funny to see posts about the “Liberal Express” that’s currently wheeling into Hamilton. In a word: Pathetic.”

    Ha! The more things change, etc, etc…

  44. RT,

    Enjoy Winnipeg.

    I’ve done a little walking around in Winnipeg. It is a city of significant contrasts.

    It reminds me of the beast that ate its own tail.

  45. RT, hope you’re settling in to your new digs with no problems! I grew up in Wpg and most of my family is still there. Believe me, your apartment will be your cave for hibernating during the long, frigid winter, so make it nice and cozy. Come January, you won’t believe the frosty winds at Portage and Main, but that’s the prairies for you. Best of luck, LMA.

  46. I have a small favour to request of RedTory, if you don’t mind. You have my email via this post. Could you please email me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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