God Made a Farmer…

Standing out by a country mile from the slew of rubbish advertisements sponsoring this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, The Richards Group agency down in Texas crafted this perfect, brilliant little gem for Chrysler’s Dodge Ram truck brand:

There’s little doubt this ad will hit home with its target demographic, but I suspect it also has sentimental appeal to a much broader audience; perhaps even including atheistic heathens that would have normally winced at the prospect of listening to Paul Harvey’s unctuous God-bothering treacle, don’t farm and, in fact, have no ostensible need whatsoever for a truck.

Quite simply, it is a remarkably beautiful ad.

6 Replies to “God Made a Farmer…”

  1. I worked on a farm as part time help to buy booze and cars and impress girls when I was a teenager, and, watched that ad this morning. You said it perfectly.

  2. Reminded me of an old PBS educational program, where some german fellow was demonstrating the technique needed to paint a beautiful pastural scene, with trees, mountains and adobe-styled house. However, at the end of the show, he included a crucial tip, for those wanting to actually sell their work; Add a christian cross…, which he proceeded to do, …you for sure will make some cash. Ford marketers must have been watching that day.

  3. bill: When I was a little tyke back in England, we lived in a small village running the general store right across the road from a dairy farm, so a lot of my earliest memories come from that special place.

  4. Stig: That seems a bit cynical, but you may well have a point. In a country where 85% of people claim to be God-fearing Christians, it certainly doesn’t hurt to cozy up to the faith-based community. What struck me, however, was that despite all that it had a more transcendent appeal to a wide number of different people just yearning for something… I don’t know… authentic?

  5. Please, that’s the kind of crap the modern Idle All Winter rural conservative welfare bum uses to justify their entitlement to their entitlements.

  6. Phil, your mirror image in the countryside says the same thing about teachers. And you’re both full of it.

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