No Labels

I’m not quite sure what to make of this new “grassroots” political movement taking shape south of the border, but as a something of moderate centrist by nature, did find a certain amount of affinity with its non-partisan objectives.

What struck me as amusing, and perhaps an unintentional legitimization of its core premise, was the vicious reaction from both the most vocal left and right poles of spectrum immediately following its launch.

On a recent “Worst Persons” segment, Keith Olbermann described the group as “ludicrous” and then went on to embellish that by denouncing the organizers as “a bunch of fraudulent, conservative democrats pretending to be moderates and a bunch of fraudulent Republicans pretending to be independents.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hyperpartisan battlefield, there was comedian Rush Limbaugh blasting the group as nothing more than a bunch of unemployed liberal hacks reacting to the insurgent mandate of the mid-term elections, as you can see here:

In a later broadcast, Rush went on to dismiss No Labels as “elitist snobs” and furthermore claimed for good measure that the group was “racist” in nature, by virtue of an obscure ruling from a court in South Carolina that determined not having party designations on the ballot would somehow disadvantage black voters…

And so it goes in the land where, as Jim Hightower famously said, “There’s nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow line and dead armadillos.”

5 Replies to “No Labels”

  1. I don’t find calling a group ‘ludicrous’ as particularly ‘vicious’ although labeling that same group with the term ‘racist’ does have a tinge of viciousness. False equivalencies are dangerous and can be the most ‘vicious’ of all.

    I don’t think taking a strong point of view and expressing that view with hyperbole is necessarily a bad thing. Bringing out the racist card is only a good thing if it can be backed up. But, being a yellow strip in the middle of road is the worst of all choices. Think of the poor Armadillo.

  2. Jymn: No, you’re right, calling them ludicrous isn’t particularly vicious, but denouncing them as ‘fraudulent’ certainly is.

  3. RT,

    Welcome back!

    I see you are keeping up with your tradition of putting on excellent pieces that both get people to think and also bring people together.

    Have a Happy New Year!


  4. Hey Tomm, I’ve missed you. Happy New Year to you also.

    I don’t really have an agenda, so just post things that I find interesting, or that catch my fancy. If that happens to bring folks together, then great!

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