Pat Robertson: Pot Patriot?

Not that I care much for the whole “Pinheads/Patriots” dichotomy Bill O’Reilly employs on his nightly entertainment program, but it is kind of interesting that 67% of the show’s viewers thought that Pat Robertson was a “Patriot” for stating that possession of marijuana should be decriminalized.

Perhaps Robertson’s epiphany will provide encouragement (or moral cover) to others in positions of influence that agree with his comments but have up to now been reluctant for one reason or another to publicly endorse the decriminalization of pot.

Hope springs eternal…



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4 responses to “Pat Robertson: Pot Patriot?

  1. Sounds like Patty has a grandkid who got busted ! My own views on this have changed dramatically over the years. Black Markets do not work, are inefficient, and encourage criminal control of the commodity. We need to revise our whole attitude to this issue.

  2. TofKW

    Agree wholeheartedly Aeneas, and I’ve taken the same 180 degree turn on this issue as you seem to have. Using the US experience, the end of prohibition pulled organized crime out of the alcohol business, and generated untold billions for the government over the years.

    By the way, welcome back to blogging RT. You were dearly missed.

  3. Ha. I hadn’t thought of that, but you may well have a point. Kind of funny how attitudes about certain issues change when their impact hits near to home.

  4. TofKW: Thanks. Nice to be back.

    Yeah, you would have thought that Prohibition would have provided a definitive object lesson concerning this matter, wouldn’t you? The “War on Drugs” has proven to be an abject failure by any measure, especially when it comes to something as relatively innocuous as pot.

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