Rally for Zzzzzz…

Can one really call ten people gathered on Parliament Hill a “rally”?

Perhaps a more concerning issue than the “robocall” scandal and the minimal effect some purport it may have had on a number of marginal ridings may be the fact that, as now seems to be the trend, almost 4 in 10 eligible voters couldn’t be bothered in the least to cast a ballot in the first place.

5 Replies to “Rally for Zzzzzz…”

  1. According to an Ipsos Reid poll of 3,154 Canadians from March 6 to 8, 75% want a public inquiry with judicial powers to get to the bottom of what happened.

    If the Conservatives are found guilty of voter suppression, 68% want by-elections in the ridings where it occurred.

    And 50% believe the Conservatives “co-ordinated” a campaign of illegal robocalling.

    These people are protesting election fraud. Why would you try to support election fraud by ridiculing them?

    You are in a small minority that wants to cover up election fraud.

    Do you think it is funny that Elections Canada is investigating 250 known cases of election fraud in 200 ridings.

    I fail to see the humour.

  2. Did I in any way suggest that Elections Canada investigating the alleged voter fraud was funny? A: No.

    Am I trying to support election fraud by ridiculing this rather lame protest? A: No.

    Are you laughably indignant and pathetically grasping at straws? A: Yes.

    Look, I see the “humour” in 10 people being called a “rally”… But it was also an opportunity to launch what I thought was a quite legitimate question about the massive voter apathy that renders the issue of voter tampering somewhat absurd in the broader context.

  3. Yes. But, in fairness, if a protest rally were called in response to a coup orchestrated by the Ben Wa Balls Liberation Army, who had just announced their intention to impose an 8:00 pm national curfew, eliminate “q” from the English language, and require that the full text of Bleak House be tattooed, in 10-point Times Roman, on the buttocks of every adult male child, fewer than a handful would likely show up.

    One of the saddest consequences of our (at least) two-decades’ worth of degraded political discourse is the fact that virtually nobody, not even political animals such as yourself, can give a shit.

  4. I fully agree with regard to the long-term danger of voter apathy, but I would point out that when some entity like OWS plans a rally all one can hear is “that these dirty hippies should go out and get jobs.” That is, if one hears anything from the Corporate-dominated media at all.

    Listen, I am a traditional Tory and hate disorder, rebellion and the mob more than most, but there are certain times and certain issues that call for demonstrations and rebellion – Trade-Unions in the 1920 and ’30s, US Civil Rights in the 1960s, and OWS currently. To me, these are all valid rebellions and are necessary to PRESERVE our Civil Order.

    That is my point …. as a (real) Tory …. that these type of Rebellions make our Civil Society better by protecting it from the corrosive influences of things like an unchecked & rapacious Capitalism and virulent & systemic Racism.

    And yet, we see the same people who are fundamentally the victims of Predatory Capitalism side with their Oppresors by denouncing the OWS protesters – who at least have the guts to fight the battle on their unknowing behalf.

    The real threat to Representative Democracy is not Islamism or China; the real threat is APATHY. We are giving it all away.

  5. You are attempting to minimize the disgust the country (or about 80% of it) feel toward the fraudulent robocalls by showing a small protest.
    Next you are trying to minimize the damage, and try to deflect the scandal by misdirection by calling attention to low voter turnout, when voter distrust in our democratic system is a direct result of an election won by fraud.

    The study shows that the conservative government should have won a minority government at best without the use of fraud.

    Somebody should go to jail for the crime.

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