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The Terror Industrial Complex

Great story from CBC’s The National about the insane amount of money that has been spent post-9/11 on the secretive intelligence and policing apparatus to make America safe from demented cave-dwellers in Afghanistan, inept lunatics with explosive underwear, and suchlike “threats” to the so-called Homeland.

More on the WP’s investigation “Top Secret America” here and a PBS Frontline piece on the same project here.

Update: An interview with investigative reporter Bill Arkin from Democracy Now! about this issue…


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More “Twits”

No, not those hopeless nitwits… It’s another hilarious installment of the WP’s series where they pillory the inane and/or ridiculous Tweets of celebrities and others through dramatic reenactments.

The soulless, self-serving missives of Barbara Walters (or more likely her publicist) are particularly funny.


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Look! A Shiny Rock!

Hey, just for fun, let’s see what the Washington Post is up to today…

Okay, that was kind of a cheap shot because truth be told this video wherein celebrity Tweets are dramatically re-enacted is actually quite hilarious. But I wonder if Howie Kurtz will be ironically sneering at it on CNN next weekend.


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Washington Post Endorses Obama!

Yes, it’s another newsflash from The Land of Duh!

I don’t think that even the Moonie Times would endorse McCain… would they? Really? Let’s wait and see!

But back to the WP’s endorsement “without ambivalence” of Barack Obama (rightly described as a “man of supple intelligence”) due to there “being few public figures [they] have respected more over the years” and “the impressive qualities he has shown during this long race,” etc. Indeed.

It’s difficult to imagine too many other men (or women) who could withstand the grueling, dehumanizing, brutalizing, degrading and mind-numbingly horrific process that is the American electoral system with as much grace, elegance and cool composure as this man has demonstrated over the last year… or however long it’s been — seems like forever.

Given the limited choice on offer (sorry Bob Barr and Ralph Nader and the guy running for the Whig Party) this really is a complete no-brainer. Speaking of which, it’s difficult not to agree with Christopher Hitchens — a long-time critic of Obama (in the past, he called him “vapid, hesitant and gutless” amongst other things) — that John McCain is “suffering from an increasingly obvious and embarrassing deficit, both cognitive and physical.”


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