Coren on the “Occupy” Protesters

Sun TV’s Michael Coren lambastes the “Occupy” protesters for being “spoiled children of privilege” that are needy, self-indulgent whiners and so on…

I have to admit to experiencing a considerable amount of cognitive dissonance being largely in agreement with his withering assessment of the protesters involved in the Canadian version of this movement.

O’Reilly on Sun News

Charles Adler slobbers over Fox News star Bill O’Reilly in hopes of casting some reflected attention on his obscure Sun TV program.

I wonder if O’Reilly’s latest book will suffer the same fate as his last tome when copies of it were donated to a forward base of the U.S. military in Afghanistan?

Pettifogging Twats

Michael Coren and Sun TV host Theo Caldwell plumb phenomenal new depths of extreme pettiness to relentlessly savage Barack Obama.

In Wingnuttia, no perceived or imagined slight, no absurdly trivial misstep of protocol it seems can be considered otherwise than as revelatory of the deep character flaws and shortcomings of this uppity radical heathen.

The Source… Of Division

You have to almost feel a little sorry for Ezra Levant given that his new gig as Sun TV’s resident annoying prime-time squawkbox forces him to stir up “controversy” on a nightly basis… even when little to none may actually exist!

For the past several nights on his program he’s been desperately trying to relive his glory days as publisher of a failed Calgary news magazine whose name escapes me by fanning the flames of Islamophobia and/or provoke some sort of furious backlash of free speech outrage in connection with a speaking tour by Dutch MP Geert Wilders that was sponsored by the International Free Press Society and the Canada Christian College.

Alas, nobody really seemed to care that much… Last night, for example, Mr. Wilders addressed a select group of 150 invitees at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa – an event hosted by Ezra Levant as it happens. The protest-free engagement would probably have gone completely unnoticed had it not been for a silly article in the Globe & Mail by Gloria Galloway posing the rather dumb question: “Why is National Arts Centre hosting Dutch MP accused of being anti-Islam?”

Of course, that was all the tinder Ezra needed to launch into a fiery attack on the NAC, the prejudice of the liberal media (especially the clubby culture of the press gallery), dreaded “Ottawa bureaucrats” and whatever else he could extemporaneously think of to indignantly lash out at:

Just as an aside, the funniest thing about the article, and perhaps what caught Galloway’s attention in the first place was the hilarious premise under which Wilders’ speaking engagement had been booked. If NAC spokeswoman Rosemary Thompson is to be believed, it was “that the International Free Press Society called the catering department about a month ago and said that they had a Dutch MP coming to Canada for a speaking tour and that it was part of the Tulip Festival.” If true, that was a delightful bit of subterfuge.

Back though to the nub of the “problem” that got Ezra exercised in this instance which was the comment made by Thompson that, “Obviously the NAC does not agree with Mr. Wilders’s views.” This was the launch pad for Levant’s petty tirade about the remark being indicative of a presumptuous, arrogant liberal conceit, etc.

But wait… There’s another equally valid interpretation of Thompson’s defensive remark that seems to have been entirely missed by our Sun TV host (and hundreds of angry commenters on the site of the original article), which is that is the NAC does not necessarily agree – and as a federally funded institution, nor should it – with the views of ANY of the speakers or performers that rent the facility for their events.

I suspect this is the sort of trivial, inflammatory nonsense we can expect from Sun TV… making much ado about nothing and cynically whipping up angry, divisive culture wars on a nightly basis.

Tricky Dicks

Now, I ask you… is this the face of a lying douchebag?

Or (not to go all Glenn Beck on you here), perhaps just that of a more-than-willing “fall guy” for an elaborate hoax? After all, this weird little flap is, as Ignatieff rightly said “bizarro” in every respect.

According to Sun TV’s “star” bloviators and squad of sleeveless fembots, they should be commended for having performed the bare minimum of due diligence needed to arrive at the totally fucking obvious conclusion that the rather strange photo and concocted story attached to it was patently bogus. Moreover (again, according to Sun TV), they should be lauded for then refusing to print or broadcast it as “news” on their pathetic right-wing agit-prop channel… Bravo, Sun News!

At the same time however, in classic tabloid fashion, they sort of got to screw their cake and eat it too in terms of puffing up this ridiculous allegation for a few days worth of reckless discussion casting vague doubts about the Liberal leader’s past activities vis-à-vis the Iraq War, suggesting perhaps he was even a nefarious “secret foreign agent” of some kind… yet all the while ostentatiously pretending to take the journalistic high ground and distance themselves from the accusations being vigorously hinted at.

What a brilliantly played little charade.

Ezra Levant v. Cedar Tree

Armed only with a gas-powered chainsaw, Ezra Levant demonstrates how, thousands of years ago, the capricious God of the Old Testament gave doughy, bespectacled little cunts dressed in plaid, absolute dominion over the Earth and all its living things.

This absurd stunt where Sun TV’s wannabe Glenn Beck maliciously hacked a potted cedar down to a ragged stump was apparently connected to a ridiculous strawman argument purporting that misanthropic environmentalists and others of a “liberal” persuasion (or “cult” as Ezra prefers), hate mankind and would just as soon depopulate the planet rather than allow free markets to work their infinite capitalist magic just as God intended. Or something like that.

I’ve watched this program a few times and it just baffles me. Maybe it’s all being messaged in some sort of tacit code or dog-whistle frequency that only batshit crazy wingnuts and fellow travellers of the radical right blogosphere can properly comprehend. It certainly doesn’t relate to any kind of reality that I’m familiar with.


Temporarily Suspended from Hen House

Nice to see that Fox News is protecting its vaunted “fair and balanced” journalistic integrity by suspending the contracts of a couple of its many hired contributors that are now, or have indicated that they may possibly be, running to become the 2012 Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Surely, if nothing else, this absurd dilemma points out the fact that Fox News is little more than a free publicity machine for right-wing hacks, if not an egregious agit-prop wing of the Republican Party.

Oh by the way, when is that Sun TV News channel going to start up in Canada? You know, the one that’s going to provide “Hard News and Straight Talk”… Just thought of that for some odd reason.