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Canadian Conservatives Defined

Professionally angry midget Kathy Shaidle attempts to explain who’s who in the hinterland of Canadian “conservatism” to Sun News host Brian Lilley:

Heh. By my estimation, Shaidle just slagged off about 90% of the “Bloggin’ Tories” in one form or another as not being REAL conservatives; at least that is, according to her quirky and peculiarly incoherent definition of the species.

So, suck on that all you “tedious” tax-averse conservative men that are overly tolerant of diversity; you “culturally retarded” SoCons that don’t own TVs; and wacky libertarians that are effectively enabling the hordes of drug-addled “parasites” corroding society…

As for the notion that conservatives are frequently typecast as being “angry and stupid” (a pitiable trope of conservative victimization deftly served up by Lilley with wide-eyed puzzlement), oblivious to self-incriminating irony, Shaidle suggests that it’s nothing more than a “mainstream media pop-culture meme.”



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Take Off, Eh?

As a Halloween treat, Ezra Levant attempts to be funny by masquerading as an obnoxious “Barge Delahunty” intruding on a Rob Ford look-alike (who knew?) in a series of increasingly awkward encounters.

I have to admit that this parody had its humorous moments, even though the premise was quickly beaten to death; although that may well have been part of the point.

Not shown in its entirety here, Levant went on from this spoof to viciously excoriate the CBC for… well, you know the usual litany of whiny, self-serving complaints that are fiercely propounded on a daily basis in every “news” outlet of the Quebecor Media conglomerate.


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Sun “News” Drinking Game

Okay, so here’s what I propose… Take a shot every time you hear execrable termagant and furious runt Kathy Shaidle casually tell a blatant LIE during this 7:00 minute interview with addlebrained guest-host Mark Bonokoski (to be fair, his cognitive lapses and frequent misstatements of fact get a pass for our purposes).

Advance Warning: Immediately surrender your car keys to a friend before attempting. Also, do not plan on operating heavy machinery, chain saws, firearms, etc. any time soon.

Challenge: Presuming you’re conscious by the end of the exercise, what was your tally of the number of Shaidle’s falsehoods?


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Shrill Bitch Alert!

Video of Sarah Palin squawking at speaking to “supporters” of a newly formed group called “Tea Party of America” today at a rain-soaked rally in Iowa… and covered LIVE by Sun News! Go figure.

In a Godly portent worthy of Michele Bachmann, “thunderstorms moved through Indianola in the hours before the much-anticipated event… sending drenched Palin supporters running for cover.”


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First Impressions of Sun “News”

Has anyone else subjected themselves yet to watching the Sun News channel? You’re certainly not alone if you haven’t – their highest rated show in prime time has only managed to pull in about 50,000 viewers so far, with others not even breaking 20,000. To be fair, they haven’t struck deals with all the cable carriers yet and it is early days. But still… given all of the hype and promotion in friendly media outlets and a fortuitous launch in the middle of a federal election, the ratings coming out of the gate have been pretty dismal.

And no wonder. It is just painfully awful to watch. Yes, I’ll admit that I’m predisposed to hate it and prejudiced insofar as thinking that all of their hosts (David Aiken notably excepted) are peevish, right-wing hacks, shrill demagogues, and smarmy, wet-behind-the-ears douchebags; all of which certainly makes listening to them grind their ideological axes an aggravating experience, but it’s more than just that…

Despite proudly touting their “state-of-the-art design package” in their promos, on the whole, the graphics are fairly crude by today’s criteria and the sets look cheap. In fact, everything about the presentation appears kind of low-rent and sub-par. That of course wouldn’t matter if the discussion was of a high standard, but sadly it’s not – by a long shot! Even worse than being overtly biased – which it most definitely is – it’s something far more inexcusable: it’s profoundly boring.

Last night, radio blowhard Charles Adler spent the first quarter of his program re-imagining what had taken place on the previous night’s show. The second quarter involved the channel’s meme du jour of fear-mongering about a conspiracy between the opposition parties to “illegitimately” usurp power after the election. The third quarter was spent distorting the opposition parties’ “hug a thug” position on the justice system claiming that they wanted to unleash violent criminals, rapists and sexual predators on law-abiding communities…

The last 25 percent of his program was spent talking about a recent incident where a shih tzu attacked a female greeter in an Ottawa Home Depot. Somehow or other Chuck tried to spin this into a crazily fabricated strawman argument railing against “leftists” who he imagined believed that animals have human rights and could hypothetically one day start filing lawsuits on their behalf. Following this goofy notion was an awkward, largely incoherent conversation with Sun “personality” Mark Bonokoski that ambled all over the place, but kept returning to his elderly mother’s shih tzu, which apparently just afforded the two of them the opportunity to say “shit” on air a lot (a fact that Adler actually alluded to, disingenuously asking “Bono” if that was the reason people found this story interesting and newsworthy). Whazzahuh?

Well, that’s an example of the “straight talk” to be found on Sun News. I could go on about the other small sampling of the channel’s offerings that I forced myself to watch the other night, but doing so would just compound the time already wasted on the exercise.


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