“Not Intended To Be a Factual Statement”

Sure to be a classic in the annals of political dissembling.

Funny as this is, it’s also disturbing in the sense that Senator Kyl may actually have believed the lie fed to him by his staff because this is the kind of patently false crap ceaselessly propagated by conservative media, then amplified and further distorted as it circulates within the right-wing echo-chamber like a demented game of ‘telephone’…

I think it fair to say that most liberals subscribe to the notion best expressed by Daniel Patrick Moynihan years ago that “While you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.” The right-wing (aka “conservatives”) however, appear to dispute this, as witnessed by their total disregard for facts of any kind – to them, a preponderance of scientific evidence with respect to any number of issues count for little when stacked up against their ideological assumptions or personal, often kooky, faith-based beliefs.

Unlike liberals who foolishly “believe that solutions emerge from judicious study of discernible reality,” as Karl Rove is reputed to have said about “the way the world really works” when talking to New York Times Magazine reporter Ron Suskind back in 2004… “we [that is to say “conservatives”] create our own reality.”

And indeed they do. Turns out, however, that it’s 87% bullshit.

Defeat The World!

Maybe we should have adopted that as the slogan for our national team’s objective, rather than “Dominate the Podium”…

Anyway, trust the astute marketing mind of Stephen Colbert to come up with a unique way to not only both mock and celebrate the Olympics at the same time, but to successfully exploit the event: first with his sponsorship of the USA speed-skating team (including a role as an “assistant sports psychologist”); then getting made an NBC sports correspondent; and now, an official poster co-created with renowned Obama propagandist Shepard Fairey.

Too bad most everything else about the games (aside from the competition itself, of course) sucks fake snow and ice.

Speaking of which, Rex Murphy’s column the other day from his new roost at the National Post neatly sums up the patronizing “flood of tosh” we can expect to be hearing from the American media about our huge (but amazingly underpopulated) country over the next few weeks.

Digg Reel

Lots of great stuff in this week’s show, from a sick twist on the Mac v. PC advertising war featuring a couple of cute, but foul-mouthed kids (Warning: NSFW), what happens when you insert an Alka-Selzer tablet into a water droplet in space, to the insufferable Late Night media debacle featuring incredibly rich comedians pretending to bite the corporate hands that engorge them.

Or you can skip all that and just fast-forward 2 minutes in and enjoy Stephen Colbert mercilessly dismantling the new pitch from Domino’s Pizza…

Celebrity in Chief

An inside look from the White House at the gag featuring President Obama where Stephen Colbert got his head shaved by General Odierno while filming his show in Iraq.

The Doom Bunker

Stephen Colbert’s hilarious parody of Glenn Beck’s apocalyptic “War Room” segment where the former CNN host attempts to frighten the crap out of Fox News viewers based on various hypothetical doomsday scenarios that presumably will result from policies of the new Obama administration.

For a full Hall of Mirrors effect (show within a show within a show), Beck’s response to the parody can be viewed here.