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Saturday Morning Toon

Deadomutt: Part 1

One of my favourite “Harvey Birdman” episodes (from 2003).

To be continued…


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Celebrity in Chief

An inside look from the White House at the gag featuring President Obama where Stephen Colbert got his head shaved by General Odierno while filming his show in Iraq.


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The Doom Bunker

Stephen Colbert’s hilarious parody of Glenn Beck’s apocalyptic “War Room” segment where the former CNN host attempts to frighten the crap out of Fox News viewers based on various hypothetical doomsday scenarios that presumably will result from policies of the new Obama administration.

For a full Hall of Mirrors effect (show within a show within a show), Beck’s response to the parody can be viewed here.


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S&S Employee Orientation Video

Sebben & Sebben: Building the law firm of tomorrow today!

Featuring the voice of Stephen Colbert as the deranged co-founder Phil Ken Sebben.

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Colbert on CBS

From last week, Stephen Colbert appearing on the CBS Early Show and on The Late Show with David Letterman, promoting his Christmas special.

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Colbert Roast


The tables were turned on Stephen Colbert the other night when he was the subject of a withering barrage of insults and good-spirited abuse at the 20th Annual Roast for Spina Bifida at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. (the same location of his infamous press gallery appearance two years ago when he hilariously skewered the Bush administration).

The Huffington Post has a bootleg video that features shtick by future Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel followed by Colbert’s own remarks (which are priceless). It will be nice to see a better quality version emerge from C-SPAN via YouTube.

Speaking of roasts, here’s one from 2005 featuring Emanuel being ribbed by his former colleague and now boss that C-SPAN rebroadcast the other week:

Best line was in reference to Emanuel’s middle finger getting partly amputated in an accident with a meat slicer while working at a deli many years ago which “rendered him practically mute.”


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