Liberal AV Club’s Amateur Hour (Part Deux)

Political wonks may recall Stéphane Dion’s cringe-inducing “address to the nation” back in 2008 during the constitutional crisis over a putative coalition government… If not, Adam Radwanski described this way:

At a time when he needed to look reassuring, to look prime ministerial, [Dion] looked exactly the way the Conservatives have been trying to portray him – like the leader of some sort of third-rate coup, being filmed in his hideout with one of his accomplices sticking a cheap video camera in his face.

Fast-forward three years and it seems that the same blundering crew of AV boneheads are resolutely determined as ever to make the Liberals look as cheap and inept as possible…

Patient viewers will note that there’s a seemingly interminable 5 minutes of video consisting of nothing but sound checks preceding the “action” to come. When a speaker does finally appear at the podium after this inexplicable waste of time… Surprise! There’s no audio whatsoever. For an entire minute the speaker is without sound. When the audio does eventually cut in, it’s of the worst possible quality – crackling and breaking on every high note. Subsequently, the AV team seems to get that problem under control, but then the volume is HIGH… then low… then HIGH again… Only in the last 15 minutes or so do they manage to get things right.

Yes, I know… it probably seems like a trivial gripe, and this could just be regarded as “raw video” and therefore held to a lesser standard, but I believe that presentation matters. Good grief, what sane person with better things to do would even bother sitting through that first five minutes of pointless faffing around?


Dion: Post Announcement

An open thread of sorts for your thoughts/opinions following Dion’s announcement that he will step down as Liberal party leader after the party holds a leadership convention.

Should He Stay, or Should He Go?

Okay. In response to comments in a previous thread about potential leadership alternatives that presumed Dion would be announcing his departure on Monday, from those who, for whatever reason, felt that it was perhaps somewhat unfair of me to work from that premise, let’s accordingly ask a rather different question today (as has already been posed elsewhere).

I would respectfully ask committed Conservatives and those others who would never, ever (not in a million, zillion years) vote Liberal to refrain from weighing in on this one. At least on the poll-thingee. Your comments are, of course, always welcome.

And while we’re on the subject of leadership ambivalence, here’s a delightful blast from the recent past (maybe also a cautionary note) from across the pond.

He Shoots… He Bores!

Sorry, I wanted to use that line when Ken Dryden was running for leadership of the LPC several hundred years ago, but didn’t for some inexplicable reason. His big, giant head many have gotten in the way of things. But moving on to this…

Try to merge this awful, monstrously tragic video of Stéphane Dion hopelessly floundering about, unable to lift the ball, let alone score a goal (he does manage to get one in the net ultimately in quite underwhelming fashion) at a contrived road hockey photo-op with this and come up with some kind of a narrative. Consider it your own personal “X-Challenge”