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Unambiguously Racist

It’s kind of pathetic when someone who evidently has no respect for free speech, who clearly doesn’t have the slightest understanding what the demonstration involved was about, and who apparently doesn’t seem to have any of the facts of the matter straight (he must not have bothered to read the article that he linked to, it seems), nonetheless furiously storms ahead, seizing on a peaceful protest as yet another opportunity to ventilate his petty, small-minded and clearly racist attitudes towards immigrants. No wonder he’s been picked up as free stringer for the National Post.

Does “Raphael” seriously think that Canadian citizens shouldn’t have the right to publicly protest about issues around the world that are of deep concern to them; whether that be out of principle or more compellingly, because they have family and friends abroad who may be directly affected?

In this case, the protesters were pleading with the Harper government to join other countries in calling for a ceasefire to the fighting in Sri Lanka amidst concerns for the safety of 250,000 civilians (according to the Red Cross) and displaced people trapped as the military pushed for victory against the last bastion of Tamil rebels. The EU’s Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Louis Michel has called for a halt to the conflict in the wake of what he’s called an “escalating humanitarian catastrophe.”



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