The World According to Kory

On “dysfunctional” government:

Kory Teneycke, PMO media director, says “this shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone” and reiterates Harper’s position of Parliament being at an impasse. He argues there’s a complete lack of common ground with the Opposition and the Liberals developed a (Green Shift) platform over the summer that makes it “very difficult for Dion to compromise with the government because he’s diametrically opposed.”

Well really. I mean how can Stephen Harper possibly be expected to govern effectively with an Official Opposition that’s actually opposed to the Conservative party? Why it’s just simple logic! After all, 36.27% of the electorate gave Harper a “mandate” to rule with absolute, unquestioned authority until he conveniently decides that the other parties don’t have confidence in the Conservatives and is then forced to declare a potentially illegal snap election in order to “crush” them. Yippee!

On the Liberal Party being just like Communist regimes:

”Conservatives should be marked by realism and the knowledge the Liberal party is one of the most successful parties ever – more successful than the Communist parties in Russia and China and more enduring than Fidel Castro.”

Precisely, and it’s entirely appropriate to compare a democratically elected party that’s formed the nation’s government in 23 of Canada’s 38 parliaments with an uninterrupted 73 year-long totalitarian regime dominated by the 29 year rule of one of the most brutal dictators in history, responsible for the criminal slaughter of millions.

On the economy:

“Obviously, we’re in uncertain economic times; all the more reason to have the certainty of a mandate so you can address the economic challenges as they occur.”

Obviously. Never mind that Teneycke “says Harper stresses another minority government” out of a sense of “realism,” this new minority government will provide the “certainty” that the present “dysfunctional” minority government couldn’t ever possibly deliver. Again, it’s just simple logic, folks!