Oh sure, I guess that I could have posted some of the vituperative new Harper Party attack ads that were rolled out online yesterday morning along with some critical commentary without too much effort, but fortunately, I was far too busy with other “real world” things to bother. Besides, my initial reaction upon viewing them was one of “déjà vu all over again”… I seriously wondered if the dismal tropes in their formulaic adverts had simply been recycled from several years ago and slightly re-packaged for the benefit of those with head injuries or short-term memory problems.

So, rather than dwell on the dull malice of the latest corrosive CPC nonsense; instead, here’s a digital short from SNL because… well, for no reason actually, other than it’s amusing.

Would it possible do you think for the Conservatives to get some NEW material or at least a fresh set of ideas that may actually be worthy of comment? Same goes for the other parties too! Until then, it seems we’re stuck with a feeble political discourse that amounts to little more than Pee Wee’s infamous “I know you are, but what am I?”

SNL: Big Three Bailout Hearing

An excellent sketch from this past weekend’s SNL spoofing the automakers’ appearance before Congress.

I’m not sure how long this will be on YouTube as it’s almost certainly a copyright violation and NBC tends to be quite aggressive about these things, so enjoy it while you can.

Palin on SNL

Well, did you watch it? I thought it was pretty funny given the constraints they’re obviously working within.

The downside of course is, as was noted in the comments yesterday, that such an appearance only works in her favour to “humanize” her. Over at The Corner they selected a typical response from their readers:

“I watched Governor Palin on SNL last night. Though I was uncomfortable with all the slams against her as she stood and sat there during the skits, I came away with even more admiration for her. She can stand with those that are vehemently opposed to her, yet show grace, humor and strength. That is exactly the kind of strength, poise and conviction of values that we desperately need in the highest office of our land.”

Groan. Yes, having the “strength” to appear on a late-night comedy program is exactly the sort of quality the American nation needs at a time of imminent financial, military and geopolitical crisis. Good lord, what morons.

A “Non-Partisan Message”

I missed this mock joint appearance on SNL last night as we’ve long-since stopped watching that show, especially since Tina Fey left to concentrate on the wonderful 30 Rock — a vastly funnier, wickedly trenchant and altogether more sophisticated show that can’t be recommend highly enough — but thanks to Joseph in the comments for providing the link here.

“I’m sorry, I need to say something. I didn’t want a woman to be president, I wanted to be president and I just happened to be a woman. And I don’t want to hear you compare your road to the White House to my road to the White House. I scratched and clawed through mud and barbed wire… and you just glided in on a dog sled, wearing your pageant sash and your Tina Fey glasses.” — Amy Poehler (speaking as Hillary Clinton)

An especially hilarious exchange was when Fey (Palin) said, “You know, Hillary and I don’t agree on everything …” to which Poehler (Clinton) pointedly snarked, “Anything” and then went on to say, “I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy” to which Fey (Palin) dryly snapped back: “And I can see Russia from my house.” Similarly, Clinton was given to say “I believe global warming is caused by man” contradicted by Palin’s smug retort that it was “just God hugging us closer.”

As Homer J. Simpson once remarked, “It’s funny because it’s true.”