Another Home Shooting

“When things get tough in life, in the world, it seems that these kinds of incidents erupt.” — Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan.

Six people, including three children, were killed in a family shooting at an upscale Silicon Valley housing development yesterday. The murder-suicide occurred late Sunday night at the Rivermark townhome development in Santa Clara, about 65 kilometres south of San Francisco. Police discovered five bodies, including a young boy and girl, when neighbours called them to the house at around 8:30 pm after seeing an injured woman outside.

Were these people so emotionally distressed by the sudden downturn in their investment portfolio that death was actually seen as a preferable alternative to radical cutbacks in their relatively luxurious “lifestyle”? How morally vacant and utterly depraved does one have to be to terminate existence on such a patently feeble premise? That’s presumption on my part, of course — we don’t know what the actual motive for this otherwise inexplicable incident might be. But how else to explain it…

In any case, it’s always difficult to comprehend the rationalization underpinning such senseless acts of violence. Destructive self-immolation is quite easy enough to appreciate, but when innocent, wholly unwitting parties are drawn into the act, the mind reels attempting to grasp how detached from reality the people involved must have been.