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“Are You Kidding Me?”

Another Instantly Classic Shepard Smith Rant

One of the few good things on Fox News…

Meanwhile, CNN is mucking about trying to fathom the “huge mystery” surrounding the clandestine amendment inserted at the last minute by Sen. Chris Dodd (coincidentally, the number one recipient of AIG political contributions) into the stimulus bill legislation that modified it with regards to executive compensation — an artful contrivance that effectively created a loophole allowing the contentious “bonuses” to go forward. And why would that be? Well, the latest explanation seems to be that the unit dealing with credit default swaps was so impenetrably confusing to senior management of the company that it was necessary to retain the unique expertise of the traders involved to decrypt and unravel the very mess they’d created.

Uh-huh. A likely story… Sheesh! Who do these sleazy traders think they are — computer programmers, or something?

The plot thickens. By various twists and turns, a new (old) spin on the pre-February, 2009 carve-out in the stimulus bill emerges. Well, whatever. As I said yesterday, this whole AIG bonus fiasco is a piffling (albeit highly entertaining) distraction in the scheme of things.



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