Gloria Kovach Isn’t a “Trained Seal”

She’s a sock-puppet.

Sheesh! Don’t recklessly besmirch the good name of seals with your “disgusting mudslinging” you horrid meanie, Steve.

In future, when striving for a comical effect, might I suggest placing a picture of Ms. Kovach in front of a backdrop riddled with bullet holes. Apparently, “Conservatives” find that kind of thing absolutely hilarious. Or, you could falsely accuse her supporters of almost anything — like say, even planting a bomb — without the slightest shred of evidence at all, and then simply brush it off saying you were “just kidding.” Although, I think you may need to have been officially “redeemed by the shed blood of the risen and eternal Lord Jesus Christ” in order to get away with that particular sort of high comedy.