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Enough of 9/11 Already!

Arrrrgh. Another maudlin 9/11 commemorative is drawing closer – this time with even more dramatic intensity, being the 10th anniversary of the completely avoidable attacks on the American “homeland” that supposedly “changed everything” (i.e., provided a convenient excuse for the previous U.S. administration to launch two ruinous conflicts on the other side of the world in addition to a ridiculously absurd and heinously expensive “global war on terrorism”).

Surely, I’m not alone in being absolutely fed up with hearing about 9/11… whether it be the endless conspiracy theories concerning the event, the revisionist historical recollections of war criminals like Bush and Cheney, or the fake sentimentality of cynical political hacks like Guiliani (that have profited immensely from the tragedy, btw) trotted out for the occasion, it’s just all become soooo incredibly tiresome.

Update: Speaking of Rudy Guiliani, Lawrence O’Donnell rips “America’s Mayor” a new one in his “Rewrite” segment.



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Giuliani v. Obama

Why does anyone on planet Earth listen to the mendacious, self-serving bullshit trotted out by this superannuated douchebag? Moreover, who the hell cares about what Rudy Giuliani thinks about anything?

The Vagabond Scholar exposed Rudy’s predictable technique a while back:

Rudy Giuliani often uses weasel words (and dips into McCarthyist attacks), but he’s particularly fond of a specific weasel move, which follows this general pattern: “My opponent did not once say [a specific phrase of my own devising].” Giuliani follows this up by claiming his opponents have ducked some serious matter that they’ve actually discussed in some depth. Giuliani’s varied it a bit over the years, but I find this tactic particularly glaring and annoying. I also question how effective it is to anyone who’s not already in Giuliani’s camp (apparently, authoritarian crusaders).

Doesn’t the “mainstream media” have an operative bullshit meter… and shouldn’t it be frantically red-lining every time this horridly dishonest man opens his mouth?


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A Noun, A Verb, And A Lie

Following the backlash to his obviously false claim on Friday’s GMA that there were “no domestic attacks under Bush,” Rudy Giuliani issued a statement through a spokesbot saying that the remark “didn’t come across as it was intended” and that the former mayor was “clearly talking post-9/11 with regards to Islamic terrorist attacks on our soil.” Oh yes, clearly. The problem however, is that he’s still lying …

I’m not sure what’s worse, mendacious sacks of shit like Giuliani or the docile media slackers like George Stephanopoulos who freely allow them to dissemble and attempt to rewrite history on their broadcasts.


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