The Duality of Fox News on Gas Prices

THEN: Back in 2008, Fox News pundits and contributors were eager to deflect criticism of the Bush administration, pointing out the myriad of global market factors contributing to the steep rise in gas prices at the time. Conservative columnist Cal Thomas quite rightly stated that, “no president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices.”

Various commenters observed that increased exploitation of domestic resources (e.g., drilling in Alaska’s Anwar Reserve) would be “literally a drop in the bucket” with no effect on prices (so much for the “Drill baby, drill” strategy). Heck, back then, Bill O’Reilly even suggested that rather than just complaining about the high price of gas, his viewers should “cut back, sell those SUVs, ride a bike when you can!” I know… it’s hard to believe he actually said that. Thank goodness for video!

NOW: President Obama’s “anti-American energy policy” is directly responsible for rising gas prices!!!

Unfortunately, the pesky FACTS of the matter completely contradict the assertions of Fox so-called News. In truth, domestic production is up significantly and dependence on foreign oil is down from the Bush era.


Promoting “Conservative Values”

Judge William Adams, caught on tape in 2004 after his daughter secretly filmed him repeatedly beating her on the backside with a belt, apparently for illegally downloading music and games from the Internet that she claims were “unavailable for legal purchase at the time”…

NSFW Warning: This is quite disturbing footage and filled with profanity.

In the video, Judge Adams can be heard ordering his daughter to “Lay down! I’ll spank you in the fucking face!” during the battering. The judge then leaves the room, apparently to retrieve another belt before yelling “I never got mah lick in on ‘er… I’ll beat you into submission!” and then continuing the abuse for several minutes.

Adams, a Republican and family law judge in the east Texas county of Aransas has been re-elected several times, often running unopposed. According to the Aransas County Republican Party’s website, its mission is to “promote conservative values.”

Speaking to a local TV news station about the video, the judge claimed, “it’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”

We the…

The following video is posted in honour of the Republicans’ ridiculous stunt today celebrating their takeover of the House of Representatives by reading the U.S. Constitution on the House floor. A “superceded” version of the Constitution, it should be noted; one that conveniently allowed them to omit of its more problematic aspects, like the part assigning slaves the value of 3/5 of a person. A wag at the WP with impeccable timing cleverly described this as “Huck Finning” the document.

As Matt Yglesias said: “Just kind of sweeping this all under the rug transforms the gesture into a silly and inaccurate deification of a practical document written by human beings…” Ironically, it’s also a repudiation of the firmly held belief by (most usually right-wing)  constitutional fundamentalists that America’s founding document is somehow fixed in amber.

Fox News: The New “Liberal MSM”

On The Daily Show yesterday, Stewart demonstrated how “conservative” rhetoric on Fox has flipped since the election of President Obama. As Gawker put it:

Stewart and his staff dug deep into the archives to find some great footage of various Fox News personalities vehemently condemning the very behaviors that they’re now so enthusiastically championing, like criticizing the president during a time of war and taking to the streets in protests. These are the types of things that liberals do! So Fox News = the new liberals!

The quality of these videos isn’t very good, but you can always go to the Comedy Network site for a better version (or if these are removed for copyright violation).

The hypocrisy is astounding, but oh so predictable.