RMR: Rick’s Rant

In case you missed the show the other day, here’s Mercer’s rant about Harper’s attempt to kill the system of public financing for political parties that precipitated the current “crisis” the government finds itself in at the moment.

A Timely Reminder

A few commenters have astutely noted with some bemusement how hopelessly lame the “mainstream media” has proven itself to be of late (well, of late… oh, like say, the last eight years, but more specifically the past several weeks), so perhaps it’s appropriate to wheel out this lovely old chestnut from Bill Moyers Journal wherein he explored with Jon Stewart the paradoxical question of why the supposedly “fake” news has more veracity and courageous integrity these days than seems to be exhibited for the most part than the vacuous bilge churned out with almost relentless stupidity by the irredeemably compromised scribes that inhabit the fourth estate.

Let’s hope that our own resident court jester, Rick Mercer, returns quickly from his summer hiatus to skewer our pols (left, right and centre) with his rapier wit and incisive commentary, mitigating in some small way the pompously inane clowning of more “serious” so-called journalists that otherwise dominate the broadcast airwaves.