A Red Tory Victory in Alberta!

Well, go figure. Who would have thought that a resurgence of the “Red Tory” political brand would occur in, of all places, Alberta? For weeks now, right-wing pundits across the land have been viciously excoriating the Alberta PCs for being “Red Tories” and for having drifted so far to the left in recent years as to have become a supposedly oppressive Liberal government in all but name – something that would surely result in them being, as Ezra Levant confidently predicted last week, decisively “crushed” in yesterday’s election.

Ah, but as things turned out, clearly not so.

It seems that Levant (his pre-election blog archive now makes for even more hilarious reading/viewing in retrospect) and other perpetually indignant tub-thumpers of the right-wing media elite utterly failed to appreciate the evolving dynamic of the Alberta electorate; especially that of the province’s increasingly diverse urban demographic which evidently has little regard for a collection of hateful bigots, witless hayseeds, ignorant cranks, anti-science crackpots, and religious kooks masquerading as “libertarians”…


Lament for a Nation

Fascinating discussion from TVO’s Agenda program about the current state of Canadian nationalism within the framework of political philosopher George Grant’s ideas and particularly his seminal essay Lament for a Nation, written in the wake of the 1963 election that toppled the Diefenbaker government.

Just as an irrelevant aside, I had no idea that David Warren was once editor of The Idler… That was such a wonderful magazine! I must have been one of its (evidently too) few subscribers back in the day.


Conservative candidate calls Harpernomics “horrible”

A renegade Tory candidate? How the heck did that happen?

But uh-oh! Don’t get your hopes up. On closer inspection, it would seem that Gallinger’s sensational headline (in bold above) is highly misleading. In the article it says Labelle feels that Flaherty’s attitude toward Ontario has been “horrible” whereas the author had led us to believe the reference was being made more generally to “Harpernomics” — a term I rather doubt Labelle used. The candidate’s other criticisms such as describing the Conservatives’ environment plan as being “insufficient” are fairly tepid, if not downright sheepish. So maybe he’s not such a rebel after all.

Still, rather curious that he doesn’t have one of the party’s “cookie cutter” websites but seems to have opted for his own solution. For a party with such an obsessive concern about all aspects of message control and lockstep behaviour, even that small difference is a remarkable departure — in form if not perhaps substance.