Randall Terry Gets Punted

From TPMV, footage of the disruption staged by anti-abortion crusader and batshit crazy lunatic Randall Terry at a town hall meeting in Reston, Virginia and his subsequent ejection.

Here’s another view of Terry on his way out of the building:

Update: The demented sickness of “pro-life” fanatics…


Supernatural Ghouls


This offensive (and quite poorly Photoshopped) picture might well speak for itself when it comes to the utterly depraved nature of perverse ghouls like Randall Terry and similarly morbid religious fanatics who ecstatically revel in the fetishistic infant death cult quite ironically described as the “pro-life” movement, but you can always go here to find out more about how Obama’s SCOTUS nominee is slaughtering innocent babies every day, threatening YOUR life (yikes!), and most importantly, what can be done to prevent U.S. lawmakers from “bowing in abject obedience to the Angel of Death.”

How strange that these over-zealous idiots can’t even be bothered to familiarize themselves with their own scripture and Catholic teaching in particular…

Update: Speaking of which, someone seems to have a serious misunderstanding about the auspices of Apostolic Tradition.