The Intolerant, Angry Right


Yesterday, we were treated to the revelation from a self-declared “free market Christian” that “the Left” is “intolerant” and a lecture from a smug Conservative commenter about the “angry Left”…

With that bit of context in mind, comes the story from The Telegraph that a “bigoted backlash against President-elect Barack Obama, America’s first black leader, threatens to snuff out the post-election glow of racial progress and harmony.” Amongst the disgusting incidents included as part of the “Conservative backlash” is the story that:

In Madison County, Idaho, a firmly Republican state, the schools superintendent was obliged to remind teachers and bus drivers that pupils must show proper respect for elected officials, after parents complained that children on one school bus were chanting, “Assassinate Obama!”

Also featured is the incident where:

A Roman Catholic priest in South Carolina told his parishioners not to seek Holy Communion if they voted for Mr. Obama, because supporting him “constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil” as the President-elect backs abortion rights.”

Gee, didn’t that “conservative minded” Christian tell us that “the Right” doesn’t think that “the Left is “evil”… just wrong? Why yes, he did!

In another article also in The Telegraph it’s reported that there’s been an alarming upsurge in violent speech and threats against the President-elect and his supporters:

• Four North Carolina State University students admitted writing anti-Obama comments in a tunnel designated for free speech expression, including one that used a racial slur and said he should be shot in the head. Obama has received more threats than any other president-elect, authorities say.

• At Standish, Maine, a sign inside the Oak Hill General Store read: “Osama Obama Shotgun Pool.” Customers could sign up to bet $1 on a date when Obama would be killed. At the bottom of the marker board was written “Let’s hope someone wins.”

• Racist graffiti was found in places including New York’s Long Island, where two dozen cars were spray-painted; Kilgore, Texas, where the local high school and skate park were defaced; and the Los Angeles area, where swastikas, racial slurs and “Go Back To Africa” were spray painted on sidewalks, houses and cars.

• University of Alabama professor Marsha L. Houston said a poster of the Obama family was ripped off her office door. A replacement poster was defaced with a death threat and a racial slur. “It seems the election brought the racist rats out of the woodwork,” Houston said.

• Black figures were hanged by nooses from trees on Mount Desert Island, Maine, the Bangor Daily News reported. The president of Baylor University in Waco, Texas said a rope found hanging from a campus tree was apparently an abandoned swing and not a noose.

• Crosses were burned in yards of Obama supporters in Hardwick, New Jersey, and Apolacan Township, Pennsylvania. Cross burning has been used as an intimidation tactic by white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

• A black teenager in New York City said he was attacked with a bat on election night by four white men who shouted ‘Obama.’

• In the Pittsburgh suburb of Forest Hills, a black man said he found a note with a racial slur on his car windshield, saying “now that you voted for Obama, just watch out for your house.”

Unfortunately, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of racism in America have been greatly exaggerated.

The McCain-Palin Mob

Is it any wonder than people like this support McCain-Palin?

Clearly, there’s some kind of atavistic appeal at work here that scrapes directly from the very bottom of the barrel.

“You need gloves to touch him.” — Child of Palin supporter

Now cast your mind waaaay back to two weeks ago and look at this:

And the answer to Lawrence O’Donnell’s quandary? “Joe the Plumber”

Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail

“Let me just say categorically I’m proud of the people that come to our rallies.” — John McCain

For a man who claims to idolize Teddy Roosevelt (comparisons to which could provide much comedy gold if anyone was in the least bit interested… or knew anything about history), the man who famously popularized the expression “bully pulpit” in connection with the White House and its ability to influence the course of public opinion, it’s especially sad to the McCain team wallowing in the ditch and tacitly encouraging by willfully refusing to address it, or even actively spurring on this revolting kind of ignorance and bigotry with their vile robo-calls, mailings and such.

Update: Another like mind weighs in on the same message track.

It Pays to be a Hateful Racist

That would seem to be the take-away lesson from the purportedly successful fundraising efforts of Kathy Shaidle aka Five Feet of Fecal Matter™ — a website that astonishingly, now even features a monthly payment plan.

Evidently, there are “thousands of daily readers” who morally — and in some cases, financially — support the relentless slagging and demeaning of various ethnic minorities, the high comedy of chortling over the massacre of thousands of innocent Indian civilians (referred to wistfully as “the good old days”), the approval of systemic racial segregation policies, and the not infrequent diatribes expressing an outright hatred of Canada.

Not only do our fire-breathing, so-called “conservatives” appear to tacitly approve of this kind of disgusting rubbish through their perpetual silence, but there’s no shortage out there it would seem of ideological fellow travellers willing to actually fund its dissemination by forking over their hard-earned dollars to an exploitative harridan who quite cynically strokes their most base prejudices, hysterical xenophobia, and vile bigotry on a daily basis.

By the way, it should be noted that this shameless fraudster is soliciting funds under false pretences by claiming on her website that she’s “being taken to court for criticising Canada’s ‘Human Rights’ Commissions.” In fact though, she’s being sued for personal libel and not for her criticism of the HR commissions. Quite frankly, it’s a wonder that criminal charges haven’t been filed against her for obtaining “donations” by “deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means” in contravention of S. 380 of the Criminal Code.Maybe someone with a legal background might want to check into that…