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Harper’s Facebook Fascism

A witty little retort from the LPC about the recent incident with the young woman and her friend who were abruptly removed from a Stephen Harper rally in London when it was discovered by staffers at the event (via her Facebook page – how weird they would be cross-checking in the first place) that she may just possibly be a Liberal sympathizer.

Fortunately, I’ve been too busy of late to really follow the election campaign all that closely, but certain things do tend to leap out from all the boring rhetoric, silly photo-ops, and empty promises, as being significant. Oddly, though it’s perhaps relatively trivial in the scheme of things – Harper was certainly dismissive of it, disavowing any responsibility and blaming it on staffers (big surprise) – I really do think this is noteworthy because it’s indicative of a creepy and disturbing mindset that permeates at all levels the current iteration of the Conservative Party under Harper.

Don’t take the title of this post too seriously, by the way. I’m not one of those people who seriously imagine that the Harper Conservatives are, by any stretch of the imagination, actually fascists. They do, however, seem vaguely annoyed by the democratic process, averse to transparency, and yes, even “un-Canadian” as some have alleged – at least in the sense of using the same kind of reprehensible techniques that were employed by Bush-Cheney at their artfully staged events to exclude anyone who wasn’t already a confirmed supporter. Sorry, but that’s just not the way things work in this country – or at least, it wasn’t until recently.

One other thing… Curiously, this hasn’t been raised by the press, but I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if there wasn’t some racial profiling involved in this and other reported incidents of people being “flagged” by the RCMP. Awish Aslam, Aref Hamadi, Ismail Hirji… think there might be a pattern of some kind there?



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Terra Grabbag

This clip spanning a mere 11 minutes of coverage from last night’s ABC World News broadcast is quite remarkable if for no other reason that it manages to seamlessly condense so many controversial and highly-charged memes into such a short space of time.

First up to bat was more information on the Obama administration’s evolving, tougher response to the foiled “Terror Plot” on Christmas, including speculation about possible head-rolling accountability to come following the inter-agency blame game and teasing suggestions of retaliatory cruise missile and/or drone strikes against “Al Queda” Monkey Bar 101 “training camps” that might soon be forthcoming in the failing and hitherto entirely obscure country of Yemen.

This was followed by a segment called “Show Me the Money” describing how the tens of billions of dollars spent since 9/11 to beef up aviation security is still woefully inadequate to the task for various reasons… Again, plenty of blame to spread around for the “business as usual” attitude; from profit-hungry, corner-cutting airlines and persnickety civil rights groups, to witless government agencies hopelessly enmeshed in bureaucratic red tape.

Finally, the Disney network’s ABC’s suave new anchor turned our attention to the purportedly mysterious and apparently vexing questions concerning the so-called “radicalization” of lonely, gullible youngsters that we’re told is becoming increasingly prevalent in this “new age of terror.” Here the coverage rapidly evolved from the provocative but unanswerable initial query as to why “a son of privilege and education” would become a terrorist into a nullifying discussion about the merits of racial profiling.

Phew! I’d remind you that this blizzard of terra-related stuff was all crammed into slightly more time than it takes to smoke a cigarette. Is it any wonder that people these days can’t really make sense of current events or sensibly put the news in any sort of meaningful context when so much superficial information, feckless opinion and elliptical speculation is packaged in such a useless, uninsightful, and ultimately agitating format?


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